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  1. [ubuntu] Laptop fails to boot 5.3.0-46 kernel but will boot 5.3.0-45

    I have a laptop from PC specialist, which will happily boot in normal mode using the 5.3.0-45 kernel, but won't boot at all in the 5.3.0-46 kernel (not even in recovery mode).

    When 5.3.0-46...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 and Nvidia Geoforce 840M Gfx card

    For completeness - the full answer to this is to use nvidia-prime, as detailed on this [Hybrid Graphics Wiki Page][1]

    Essentially : Install the nvidia drivers and nvidia prime

    sudo apt-get...
  3. [SOLVED] Ubuntu 12.04 and Nvidia Geoforce 840M Gfx card

    I have a laptop with Geforce 840M Gfx chip set, and Intel 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller, and a clean install of Ubuntu 12.04, with all the recent updates.

    glxinfo reported...
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    As a hobby developer I am often plagued by my own procrastination. My worst example :

    I started developing a game which has been whizzing in my head for years. I got some of it written (enough to...
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    Customisable GUI framework

    I am trying (single handedly) to develop a game for Ubuntu, and it would be great if I could theme my game so it looks distinctive. I am using python as my primary language, so I need a GUI tool kit...
  6. [xubuntu] Re: Virus or hardware failure? Opinions please ...

    A virus on Linux is highly unlikely.
    It could be a corrupt sector on a disk which has somehow "stomped" on some config files. It could be a bug deep in something which has decided to ignore...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: sleep() function problems and something to search through the system

    As for your other question - how do you search the entire system to find the appropriate graphics files :

    There are two standard Unix ways for an application to use user defined files (like you...
  8. Displaying a 3d model in a Ubuntu application

    Say I have a 3d Model (defined maybe in Blender - but I am open to other options), and I want to display and move that object on screen as part of an application), and I also want to have full camera...
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    [SOLVED] Re: How was GCC (GNU Compiler) compiled?

    It was almost certainly compiled/built with an earlier version of the compiler - which in turn was compiled with an earlier compiler .... Eventually you get to the first C++ compiler written in C -...
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    Getting support with Glade

    I am "trying" to write a custom widget in pygtk intergrate with Glade, and all the documentation I have found so far is pretty poor. I have got so far with trial and error, but I can't find any...
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    Re: create grid in pygame

    I am not 100% sure what you are after here, but having done something similar you need will need the following functions :

    def GridXYtoScreenXY( gridx, gridy):
    return gridx + cellWidth...
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    Re: Custom Widgets in Glade

    This is one of the first times I can remember a post of mine not getting a reply - I can't magine that has no-one tried to do this ?
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    Custom Widgets in Glade

    I have followed (as best I can) the tutorial here :

    To start writing a custom widget in Glade (I have...
  14. [SOLVED] Re: Using gtk stock icons in a pygame application

    It turned out to be easier doing it the other way round - and then i realised i did not need pygame at all (I wasn't doing any complicated sprite stuff or collisions, so i just built a GTK interface...
  15. [SOLVED] Using gtk stock icons in a pygame application

    Rather than hard coding the path to the gtk stock icons in my pygame application - I would like to be able to use the GTK stock ids within my application.

    Is there anyway I can get gtk to give up...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Problem comparing strings

    There are a number of reasons why your initial code would not have worked :
    1) When reading text from a file - each line ends with a \n character - which you need to remove.
    2) Assuming the...
  17. Re: using nano to navigate the linux file system

    Just to be clear in case twsLeGR or any other new user is confused - the file name shortcuts that people have mentioned in this thread : ~, .., and . are not specific to nano - they work with every...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: How can this program run faster on my Atom than on my i7?

    at least fetch the current clock time each loop iteration and check if you have advanced the time. the optimiser wont remove those calls, and therefore wont optimise the loop away - even when you...
  19. Re: Any suggestions to make my code run faster?

    You might not get the timelimit you need but my guess would be that adding things to a list at every iteration and then a separate loop to print the results as you have it will will be slow.
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    Re: Ubuntu and message loops.

    Most Linux frameworks work in a similar way - but the specifics will depend on what GUI framework you are using - there is not a single API for windowing and mouse events like there is under MS...
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    Re: Problem with gcc on Ubuntu 12.10

    I would also suggest checking that the code compiles without using an IDE at all - i.e. from the command line. That way you can actually see the error messsages if any. It also helps in future to...
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    Re: Arithmetic Question in C++ Programming

    The reason you are getting these "strange answers" is because computers are unable to completely accurately express 0.001. Remember that while we work in base 10 - and so we can handled values like...
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    Re: C++ fork() another process?

    What do you mean "fork using a pid".

    Fork creates a brand new process - it sounds like you want to attach somehow to an already running process.

    Also not sure what you mean by "unfork" - do you...
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    Re: I'm having a hard time learning python.

    In away I guess I was - but you don't need to understand Turing machine completeness to be able to use a programming language or understand and be able to analyse O notation to use a quick sort...
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    Re: I'm having a hard time learning python.

    I have developed a lot of serious projects in a lot of different languages - including tools for myself and for work - and I have never needed advanced Maths. Whether you need advanced maths (i.e....
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