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  1. Re: Taskbars missing in Gnome Flashback on 20.04

    That didn't work. I got no error messages at all. I know that xdg starts my gnome session but I can't find where gnome-panel is called which may be because it is missing. I have another system...
  2. Re: Taskbars missing in Gnome Flashback on 20.04

    UPDATE. I searched the forums and found a thread where some one was having problems with the taskbars in 18.04. The advice was to do a ">killall gnome-panel" and then restart gnome-panel. When I...
  3. Taskbars missing in Gnome Flashback on 20.04

    I like the Gnome Flashback desktop. The problem is my taskbars have disappeared. They disappeared after having a internal network problem while logged into my Ubuntu system via xrdp from a Windows...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Problems with Firefox (81) and video after reloading 20.04

    Thanks CelticWarrior. Unfortunately that didn't work as I had no Flash player installed. I did another web search (I don't google) and found the answer:

    >sudo apt install libavcodec-extra
  5. [SOLVED] Problems with Firefox (81) and video after reloading 20.04

    Due to really dorking my system up I reloaded 20.04.1 (except my home directories). I did not do updates while reloading because that caused problems on one attempt. After getting the system...
  6. Time Format in indicator applette complete metacity flashback

    I like the old style desktop. However there is a problem with the "indicator applette complete" in that I cannot get the time format to change to 24 hour format that I prefer. In previous...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: gnome-software (Software Center) does not allow me to install software

    Finally just fresh installed of 20.04. I had too much cruft from multiple upgrades over the last decade or so that just had to be blown out to get things working correctly. I backed up my home...
  8. [SOLVED] gnome-software (Software Center) does not allow me to install software

    Finally got upgraded to 20.04 and am still having issues. This one is that when I run the Software Center, I am not allowed to install software. I used to get queried to input my password as a...
  9. [SOLVED] Cannot Upgrade to 20.04 - Keeps telling me to update

    I am trying to upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04. When I run Software Updater, I get the choice to do it, click on the button, the window disappears and nothing happens.

    When I run "do-release-upgrade"...
  10. Software Updater in 18.04 does not show 20.04

    When I run update-manager from my user account or as root (yes, I gave root a password because I don't like continually running sudo), I do not see the upgrade to 20.04. I would like to move on to...
  11. Thread: Configuring Samba

    by deck

    [ubuntu] Configuring Samba

    I have looked at many threads on configuring Samba and now have nothing basically. My home network consists of three computers running ubuntu (Ubuntu 12.04, Kbuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 10,04) and a Windows...
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    [ubuntu] CDs are not recognized

    Recently, my Ubuntu 12.04 installation quit automatically recognizing CDs when loaded in the player and displaying them as an icon on the desktop. When loading I do get a window that pops-up asking...
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    [ubuntu] Rhythmbox Music Identification

    I am having problems with Rhythmbox and the data it gets for album identification. I have some two CD sets which Rhythmbox keeps identifying as the first disc in the album. What can I do to get it...
  14. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10.04 - Revising partitions in file browser

    How does one revise the partions displayed in the file browser. There seems to be no menu choice to do this? I removed some partitions and created some new partitions but the system did not update...
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    [ubuntu] Firefox 3.6.8 Crashes(?)

    I recently upgrade a Dell E1505n from 8.04 to 10.04. I had to reload the home directories from backup media. For whatever reason when I select Edit>Preferences, Firefox shuts down/crashes. I...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Network Configuration Problems 8.04


    That action was a last resort. The Network Admin Tool picked up the changes. I can always return "interfaces" back to its original configuration. I still need to solve the problem of the...
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    [ubuntu] Network Configuration Problems 8.04

    I posted this in General yesterday but it is buried many pages back. Since this forum is more appropriate I am reposting here with more information.

    I went into /etc/network/interfaces and...
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    [ubuntu] Networking Configuration 8.04

    I just loaded 8.04 as an upgrade from 7.10 on a Dell Inspiron E1505n. The networking configuration is not retained when rebooting and there is no apparent network. The system is being operated via...
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    [ubuntu] Cannot Set Default Mail Client for

    I prefer to use Thunderbird as my default mail client. I just recently upgraded to 9.04 and cannot get the System to pick up Thunderbird as my default even though it is set in...
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