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  1. Re: Hardware raid you can reccomend for desktop

    Thanks guys, I think ill stick with software raid and just make it a raid 10 this time. On server side the cards are affordable as their stuck to the hardware and that and appreciate the comments.
  2. Hardware raid you can reccomend for desktop

    I have hardware raid on my servers, but it seems really difficult to find a good hardware raid that is compatible with desktop computers. I might just do another software raid, but wanted check first...
  3. need help with megaraid MegaRAID SAS 2108

    OS 18.04

    I got a hold of a LSI Logic / Symbios Logic MegaRAID SAS 2108 [Liberator] (rev 04) I run lspci and it detects the card fine. I can configure the card before boot fine and...
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    Re: MSI x470 sensors

    I totally get the gibberish (as its always seems to be some.), but I dont seem to for an example see any sensor that would add up correctly for the voltage of the ram.
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    MSI x470 sensors

    Not sure how to figure out whats needed to pick up all or most of the sensors on my mother board. its a MSI x470 Gaming plus. I tried NCT6795, but I dont think its quite right. Some of the sensors...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ryzen 2000 kernel needed?

    Yep thats where i was getting confused was with some of the 2400gs I have done for other people. Yep 2600x (raven ridge) appears to be fully compatible with kernel 4.15

    thanks gusys
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    [SOLVED] Ryzen 2000 kernel needed?

    Ubuntu 18.04
    So I got on order a 2600x Processor. I was wondering if the kernel 4.15 is enough or are their reasons to install a newer version of the kernel. (example 4.15 does not fully support...
  8. Re: Moved over from Windows, been using Linux for a few months...

    3: Is there a way to backup apps etc? like if I had to re-install ubuntu, could I somehow use a certain app, backup my files to USB or something and it's in a certain dir and install the backup app,...
  9. articles upselling moving from windows 10 to Linux

    I have been advertising in my local community of upgrading from 10 to Linux. Been an IT in the area for a long time and actually first year people been asking me how to get off of windows 10. I am...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Issue computer starts restarts then boots up fine. xubuntu 16.04

    Ok, Figured this issue out so posting it here for anyone who may run into the same issue.

    In this case it was the AV comodo that was causing the glitch. This issue is only if you have home...
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    Re: How to use Ubuntu 16.04 ?

    Do you know what video card comes with that computer? AMD, intel , Nvidia?
  12. Re: safe to install on a fanless laptop (afraid of overheating)

    I would recommend xubuntu only because of the light over head. (increase speed, not because of heat concerns.) You could install psensor to check the temperatures out. Should be no reason it would...
  13. [SOLVED] Issue computer starts restarts then boots up fine. xubuntu 16.04

    HI all, been around for a long time, but rarely ever need to post on here.

    I have a really strange issue on one of my clients computers.

    It starts up and gets to grub. You select the OS...
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    Canon printer print is poor

    I have a MF8280CW , I thought at first that the printer was defective. It will randomly have a shadow beneath the text. (Might need put up a picture example.) basically part of the test or image will...
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    [ubuntu] Re: please help with a Radeon 4870

    I tried both I think, where are the open source?

    I tried the two available on ubuntu and one of them on website it was a .run is their another I hope :P ?
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    [ubuntu] please help with a Radeon 4870

    I bought this card hoping to make things run better, but am having some issues. the programs it will run run far quicker then the Nvidia card I had what it wont run I just get crazy characters and...
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    Re: Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited

    Well, issue I am having I believe is 11.10 realated, but I figured I would ask jsut incase.

    Ironically, If people wondering why I went to 11.10 it was because of issue in 11.04 with QT functions...
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