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  1. [other] Re: How to use a laptop as a monitor for another laptop

    I'm also looking for it,but now the best solution seems to use a remote desktop, I try ssh x forwarding , but it too slow
  2. Re: 13.04 baterry live mode 1.5 hours! "nube" question...

    you must use a amd open source driver,the defalut config eat electricty. don't touch the grub and powertop and .... bumblebee is for NADIV gpu, but i think ypu have a amd gpu. if you use the proper...
  3. Re: Mad about graphics and power management

    PS: if you already buy a amd GPU laptop,you still can have a nice battery life. but a intel gpu is better
  4. Re: Mad about graphics and power management

    now, GPU driver is most important in linux. if you solve the GPU problem, have a proper config , and you worked in a low(-40%) brightness,you will get a nice battery life similar to windows , I have...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Why can ubuntu accept most drivers?

    I think it's a stupid Authorize problem。if Micorosoft want to contain drivers in it's OS,he must pay money to the hardware vendors,this is why I love linux and why hate windows
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    Sticky: [SOLVED] Re: Laptop COMPATIBILITY List.

    lenovo thinkpad x230i 2306b67 buyed from china run linux mint 14 (a OS similar to ubuntu) and windows 7,dual-boot,no issue so far,everything perfectly use "fprintd" to provide fingerprint scan...
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