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    [SOLVED] Re: USB headset audio quality is awful

    Fixed it. Didn't notice that the headset exposed four devices to ALSA (S/PDIF Output, Headphones, Microphone, Digital Input). Selecting the S/PDIF and Digital Input devices did the trick.
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    [SOLVED] USB headset audio quality is awful

    Hey there. I just got a Logitech headset (h540), which works great with native apps on Ubuntu 14.04. Input and output both worked out of the box, and I haven't had any issues with anything...
  3. Open source Radeon driver breaks Steam overlay for me.

    On my machine (AMD A8-3500M/Radeon 6620G) using the r600 Gallium3D driver as shipped in Ubuntu 14.04 (SO, Mesa 10.1 + kernel 3.13) causes the Steam Overlay to simply not run.

    It gives me errors...
  4. Civilization V (+Gods and Kings and Brave New Wolrd) missing scroll on leader select

    Hi all. I've gotten the mentioned game running (Steam version), but I'm missing scrollbars on the leader selection screen (mouse scroll will not do anything here either, though it does zoom the map)....
  5. [ubuntu] Raising lid to resume from suspend only works at login screen.

    A long, long time ago I had fully functional suspend on my Acer Aspire 5560-sb613. Then there was an update somewhere along the line that killed my ability to resume by opening the lid. Just noticed...
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