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    [ubuntu] Re: Linkys AE2500 USB Adapter Not Working

    I am running Linux Mint 11 using the CD 32bit version.
    I used their ndiswrapper tool to install the WinXP drivers.
    After the drivers were installed I plugged the adapter in.
    After that the network...
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    Re: Why does firefox in linux suck so much?

    I have never had a problem on any of my machines even the P4 running at 600MHZ yes that is a M not a G. They all run fine unless you add the wrong plugin as mentioned. But FireFox 3 rocks.
  3. Re: Ubuntu 9.04 vs Windows 7 RC vs OSX86 on my laptop!

    That would be my point to, I have sad to say not been able to find anything that could replace the Adobe line of products in the area of FOSS. Once you see anyone making a program that comes close to...
  4. Re: Ubuntu 9.04 vs Windows 7 RC vs OSX86 on my laptop!

    That would be great if the commercial software world would get off their humps and support Linux.
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    Re: HOWTO: Installing TiLP2 for Feisty

    I installed the tilII package and can't get the Nspire to be recognized.
    I did get tilp running using sudo tilp but again trying to access the Nspire gets a seg fault. I am running Jaunty as well.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Alternative to TI-Nspire software?

    I think your going to have to look into using VirtualBox at and try running XP that is what I do when I have programmer that are not smart enough to write programs that run on Linux.
  7. [ubuntu] Ubuntu lost at least 3 weeks worth of data


    I was gone from my home left all the systems up as usual and when I returned I found out that the power had been down for I don't know exactly how long. That is meaningless but once I...
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