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    [ubuntu] Re: www folder deleted

    You need to pay a bit more attention to the details of the advice you are getting.

    Following Lars' instructions, you need to use the "--reinstall" option, not just "install" again. You should...
  2. Re: Microsoft Access database on Samba can't be opened by multiple users at once.

    Found this:

    Scroll down to or search for "oplocks".

    Maybe it will be useful, as it talks specifically about MS Access databases on Samba shares.
  3. [kubuntu] Re: Why is there no +mac .iso for kubuntu 13.10?

    I'm sure he means the same as these released for 12.04.4...

    But it doesn't look like 13.04, 13.10, nor 14.04-beta1 have +mac.iso...
  4. Re: Need help with partitions on an existing installation (2 partitions + swap)

    If you can boot from a livecd, you should be able to use gparted or qtparted to graphically resize those partitions.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Where did Partitions Go?

    Do you only have one HD in your machine? According to what you posted, this is a 250GB Hard Drive, not 500GB. It has 1 Primary partition (With linux) And 1 Extended Partion that is being used for...
  6. [all variants] Re: How do I determine which slot/drive is causing this reset?

    You might have some luck with mpt-status, from the repositories, or LSIutil. See:
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot Install or update, problem with apt-get Ubuntu 12.04.03 Server

    So, when I look at your error messages, the first thing that sticks out, I have never seen/noticed before. The strings in your error message appear to be incorrect.

    E: Could not open file...
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    [all variants] Re: Resizing an ext4 partition

    You should really start a new thread for this question, but it looks like the bug may be fixed in the latest version of e2fsprogs.
  9. Re: Trying to install tesseract and leptonica 13.1

    Are you sure you have the "Universe" repository enabled? Because they are explicitly available on Saucy (13.10).
  10. Re: Trying to install tesseract and leptonica 13.1

    According to and

    Tesseract and...
  11. Thread: RAID 5 array

    by jfolsom2

    [SOLVED] Re: Where, oh where is my RAID 5 array?

    You need to run fdisk -l with sudo...

    sudo fdisk -l
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    Re: Remote Users Uploading Files?

    The error.log implies that you have likely been compromised. Someone/thing is downloading the w.exe file to your machine internally, i.e. a bot or individual has compromised your machine and...
  13. Re: How to access the ReFS file system in Ubuntu?

    ReFS is a Microsoft Proprietary filesystem. So far as I can tell, there is no Linux support for it.
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