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    [ubuntu] DNS server - redirect some adresses

    Hello, I have local network and I am connecting to router. On router I have google DNS, I want install on my ubuntu server dns server and swap some adresses for example: ->...
  2. [ubuntu] Trying connect by SSH and get "access denied"

    Hey I installed localtunnel and I tried connect from my laptop using putty(I even unckecked attempt gssapi authentication) and I receive
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    [ubuntu] Help with postgresql deploy

    Hey, I want deploy postgresql db but after "juju deploy" I dont know what to do. How make user/password and database. I use this:

    Thanks for any...
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    [ubuntu] Problem with minecraft precise charm

    Hey I have problem with deployment minecraft server on ubuntu maas/juju. When I juju ssh to node responsible to minecraft server I receive this:

    Last login: Thu Oct 11 07:15:31 2012 from...
  5. [ubuntu] MaaS - Nodes can't connect to server after bootstrap

    I installed maas and I was able to add nodes and they became in ready state.

    I executed:

    juju bootstrap
    And then one of my nodes is waking up and I receive this message on server (after juju...
  6. [ubuntu] Configure network with MaaS server and dnsmasq

    I follow instalation from here and
    I decide to do something like this:
    [Attached file]
    And on MaaS server i install dnsmasq and make it DHCP server.

    I leave...
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    [ubuntu] Re: MaaS configuring DHCP

    Any one can help?
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    [ubuntu] MaaS configuring DHCP

    Hello, I have problem with configuring my MaaS server, because i stuck with point "Configuring DHCP" in . I attached schematic of my network. And I wonder that...
  9. [ubuntu] Juju and virtual machine : for example Windows

    I have question about deploying virtual machine on juju, is this possible? I have 7 computers and I want run programs on windows because some of them there are not on Linux.

    I have 7 machines...
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