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    [ubuntu] Re: Flash fullscreen on dual monitor

    I have this same problem and my feeling is thank god html5 is coming along.
    Sorry, I know this comment adds nothing to the thread.
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    HOWTO: Deskbar rhythmbox plugin

    Credit goes to Ryan Rousseau for creating this plugin

    Deskbar can be extended very easily with plugins (known as handlers) written in python.
    Ryan Rousseau has written a nice one that reads the...
  3. Re: DID YOU KNOW: that if you drag a tab from firefox to panel or desktop...

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    Poll: Re: Have you ever said "goodbye" to Ubuntu?

    ahh the journey!

    1996. My dad was studying Computer Science at uni and brought home Slackware 3.2
    I didn't have a cdrom drive in my 386, so I installed it via 48 1.44m floppy disks (YAY)
    I ran...
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    Re: HOWTO: Update from behind a proxy server

    If you originally setup your computer behind a proxy, the settings are stored in "apt" itself,

    Checkout the following file and make it look like mine:

  6. Re: howto: Dynamic DNS and DHCP dual servers with failover

    Wish I had seen this earlier. I had tried to configure this in the past, but failed.

    Now seeing you point to /var/log/daemon

    I had no idea thats where bind info goes and I was able to fix my...
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    cd/dvd/disk indexing tool

    Over the years online, downloading apps and pdf's and media, I am continually burning data discs full of my downloads so that I don't outgrow my harddisk. I have a CD case of over 200 cd's of...
  8. Re: Whats the most popular email program that Ubuntu users use?

    Amen breathren.

    Mutt is king
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    Distcc, Giving gentoo a helping hand...

    I use Gentoo as my server and Ubuntu as my desktop.
    To get distcc working between the two was really quite simple.

    I assume you have knowledge of how portage works and how ubuntu works.
  10. Re: Howto: Automated backup script with autoexclusions based on filesize

    Thanks UbuWu, maybe I should have posted before writing the script :)
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    Re: Howto: Backup and restore your system!

    If you want a better backup system, check this thread out:

    It is a script I wrote that helps you cut out the things you don't want to backup. ...
  12. Re: Howto: Automated backup script with autoexclusions based on filesize

    Hmmm, wierd... Can't say I know why that would happen. Anybody else get the same problem?
  13. Howto: Automated backup script with autoexclusions based on filesize

    Hey, I have been looking for a good way to backup my Ubuntu system for ages. There seem to be no good programs in our repositories or I am blind.

    So I decided to write a beauifull little script....
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    Re: HOWTO: avoid having to reboot!


    1. On my ubuntu setup I have a bridged network which the graphical utility cannot understand, so I am forced to use the /etc/network/interfaces file. To add a default gateway in this is...
  15. Qemu with: Bridged networking, kqemu accelorator, qemu-launcher.

    Qemu with kqemu accelorator, tun networking, and qemu-launcher for Ubuntu.
    Version 1.0 Please leave comments.

    1 Introduction

    A lot of information in this guide was borrowed from other...
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