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    [ubuntu] thunar error in enlightenment

    hello again, this time I have a problem with thunar in ubuntu 9.04 enlightenment 17, every time I close thunar gives me an error message and have tried everything to not appear or disappear, if...
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    [other] Help me with tint2 in enlightenment 17

    hello, the problem I have is I can not maximize windows in enlightenment tint2 and 17, please help me, I've tried things and not enough work, I'm desperate.

    Thanks in advance
  3. Re: HOWTO: Install a lightweight E17 based Ubuntu (Karmic)

    Hello, I have a number of problems:

    First, how can remove all hard drives or partitions on the desktop without removing all the icons?

    Second: I installed lxpanel and tint2, work but will...
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