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    [SOLVED] Re: Compiz problem...

    i still suggest Maverick 10.10 :KS
    i am really getting this Compiz fusion tweeked now learning how to set all the extra effects is cool.
    i almost went and installed Windows 8 Developer Preview....
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Why is 10.10 so much faster and stable?

    what does End Of Life mean anyways? after 4/2012 my operating system will no longer work? or there will no longer be any new updates?
    i still use 10.10, my systems runs best with it installed....
  3. Re: Is your Hardware getting too old for the latest version of your favourite Distro

    you lucky dog, i would be happy to just find a nice video card :roll:
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    Poll: Re: Do you like Firefox rapid release model?

    what is the difference between 3.6 and 8.0?
    i recently did a fresh install of 10.10 and was wondering how 3.6 would run and surprisingly it ran very well,youtube,hulu,veetle all played video very...
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    Re: Nifty November Screenshots

    Ubuntu 10.10
    Theme/Icons/Program:Macbuntu 10.10
  6. Re: Wallpaper Thread - Post your ORIGINAL Wallpapers here

    Made this back in August with Paint Shop Pro X
    at the time was searching for a 1280x1024 wallpaper for my twitter background then came up with this....
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    [ubuntu] Re: google crome.

    i agree with this.
    it will save you more headaches if you just use the software center and install Chromium browser.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Compiz problem...

    yeah 11.10 works fine if you leave it alone ;)
    i just like how easily 10.10 can be customized as i am one that will have a different theme every week.
    besides its easier on the hardware in my older...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Compiz problem...

    well i reverted back to 10.10 and Compiz Fusion works flawless.
    after having so many screen freezes with 11.04 and 11.10 it was the thing to do.
  10. Re: Program to install ath9k_htc (Atheros Linux Driver)

    hmm not sure what out of the box means but when i did a clean install of Ubuntu 11.10 (when it was released) my wna1100 was up and ready
    i put my card in the usb slot then did the install and when...
  11. Re: Program to install ath9k_htc (Atheros Linux Driver)

    installation worked with Netgear WNA1100
    after doing a clean install of Ubuntu 10.10
    i copied the ath9k_htc-installer.1.0.1-maverick-fixed.deb from my sd card to my Downloads folder.
    opened the...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Desktop effects not working - tried all possible methods

    yeah i had the same issues with 11.04 and 11.10 trying to use compiz fusion effects and other dekstop customizations it would just make the screen freeze and i would have to do a hard shutdown.
    so i...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Macbuntu install issue

    if you had Maverick Meerkat you could install a 40mb theme Macbuntu 10.10.
    it installs what you need and then you have the mac look and feel.
    including compiz effects!
    only sad thing is i tried...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Need a Windows-like Environment for 11.10, what are my options?

    why not just use Maverick Meerkat? its only a year old and easy to customize :)
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    [ubuntu] Re: compiz cube-atlantis

    thank you WorMzy followed your instructions and it works!
    i already had Compiz intstalled just ran these 2 commands prior to yours for Cube Atlantis to install properly.
    sudo apt-get install...
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