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  1. Re: How to create several partitions and tell ubuntu installer which one to install i

    You need to set the mount point for / (root).
    This thread probably explains it better as it has Pictures:
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    [ubuntu] Re: cmaker version error

    It's very old, like from 14.04 or so.
    Also, the packages themselves are outdated from the last versions available for 14.04.
    (Last version I see was, so it's the version that the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: printing terminal stout to text file

    Fixed it for you.
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    Re: Problems with loss space

    I fixed the code tags for you.
    Not sure why TheFu posted a sort of half link which only points to the smiley/emoji section of the forum.
    Proper code tag is here:...
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    Re: Livepatch error this morning

    I never have this error, but then again I run it on a server, which is always on, so I never run into reboot issues with it.
    The issue is probably more of a desktop-centric notification issue than a...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Broken Package, Package Sytem

    You can mark the thread as solved:
  7. Re: Repository not found? Problem Installing NixNote (Nevernote, Evernote client)

    You need to disable/remove both the clipgrab and nixnote2 PPAs.
    Neither has an archive for Ubuntu 20.04/focal.
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 21.04. How to update Timeshift?

    Scroll down the github page to section marked Installation. That part explains how to add the ppa.

    Unless a package follows Ubuntu's StableReleaeUpdates procedure, it'll never get an update.
  9. Sticky:Poll: Re: Share with us your Impish Indri installation/Upgrade Experience

    Upgrade from 21.04 ran fine.
    Fairly uneventful.
  10. Re: Software will say I've got updates but apt-get updates won't show any.

    Those are probably all Ubuntu's snap packages which also can be installed and updated in Software.
    To see snaps in command line run

    snap list
    to update snaps in command lne run

    snap refresh...
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    [ubuntu] Re: getting rid of package (haproxy-1.6)

    I would still remove it.
    They already have the newer ppa installed.

    If they really wanted to use the package from the older ppa they'd have to do some funky pinning to get the system to use the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: getting rid of package (haproxy-1.6)


    sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:vbernat/haproxy-1.6
    to remove the dead ppa.
    Luckily, that is all you should need to do as the ppa never installed anything.

    It's a general problem...
  13. [xubuntu] Re: Error message and some strange behavior

    The problem is you added the guvcview ppa which has a libguvcview dependency conflict with an existing package.
    As it want to install a package of a lower value than the package already installed....
  14. Re: Ubuntu Community Help Wiki links to unpatched Kernel/BIOS corruption

    Thread moved to Documentation and Community Wiki Discussions
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    Re: Opera "Save as" dialog not in focus

    Thread moved to Ubuntu/Debian BASED
  16. [ubuntu_budgie] Re: how to start digikam with 'env LANG='

    I think this might point you into the right direction in terms of how the desktop files go:
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    Re: Unremovable old kernel

    sudo apt-mark unhold package-name
    (Replace package-name with the correct package name(s))

    There are a couple methods, and yes they use typically use dpkg.

    I use this command to purge those on...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: discover installed wine, no wine command on menu

    You mean no "Mark this Thread as Solved..." in Thread Tools up top?
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    Re: Unremovable old kernel

    Wow, you actually have 5 kernels installed.

    I'd just remove the older ones manually, but first unhold the linux-image-4.4.0-103-generic and linux-image-extra-4.4.0-103-generic packages.
  20. [SOLVED] Re: discover installed wine, no wine command on menu

    Go figure I wasn't even paying attention to Discover.
    If using Kubuntu then you need to change the file's NoDisplay setting from true to false.
    Something like

    sudo sed -i...
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    Re: Unremovable old kernel

    See which is running

    uname -r
    My guess would be it's

    Makes sense as autoremove is designed to never remove the latest two kernels installed, which would be the -88 and -89 kernels....
  22. [SOLVED] Re: discover installed wine, no wine command on menu

    Sorry, it should be in the "open with" (or "open with other application") option.
    Might need to be added, which means go to the open with other application option and scroll through the listing of...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: discover installed wine, no wine command on menu

    It doesn't add a main menu item, it adds a right click context menu item.
    If you click on a Windows app file and right click on it the wine program loader option should now be listed.
    If that make...
  24. [SOLVED] Re: discover installed wine, no wine command on menu

    Hmm, odd as it's a default file for wine package.
    In a terminal run

    dpkg -l | grep wine
    posts the results.
  25. [SOLVED] Re: discover installed wine, no wine command on menu

    Why didn't you simply follow the command given in post #2?
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