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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Not registering clicks shortly after login (14.04)

    Pretty much the same thing is happening to me. Different laptop - a Compaq F700 but with Synaptics Touchpad. It just stops after 20 seconds of so once I sign in.
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Lost my desktop after second restart of Lucid

    I have the same problem. The screen boots up and... no menu. I can do the same thing and right click the mouse to get the pop up. If I find a solution I'll post.
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    Re: GIMP 2.6 release on FTP

    I have just tried the getdeb install, last night with the 2.6.2 release and today the 2.6.3 release. I get the same error when I try to load libgimp2.0. The package installer says "Error:...
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    Re: Do you use Gimp for pro design?

    I use GIMP on my Ubuntu with UFRAW. I use both GIMP 2.6.2 and UFRAW with RAW Therapee on my Vista box. I also have CS3 and PS Elements 6.0. Just about everything you can do in CS3 you can do in...
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