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  1. Re: What is your favorite computer game?

    *Que choir chanting Hallelujah!*
  2. Re: What is your favorite computer game?

    You should look into Legend of Grimrok, judging from screenshots, it looks like LoG is just the type of classic style RPG game that you would enjoy. Look it up, it's on steam. I played it and it's...
  3. Re: What is your favorite computer game?

    Oh man Baldur's Gate 2 blew my mind back in the day. I built my FIRST PC when that game came out. My old Athlon 64x2 6000+ (dual core, 3ghz) and 8800gt with 4, then later 8gb of ram.

    I swear I...
  4. Re: I treat my Computers as if they had soul is that personifying strange ?

    And a good choice he made. Motorcycles are expensive. Women are abundant. Logic prevails.
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    Re: When are we...

    Because DVD's use proprietary formatting. Games are not programmed for linux. Steam is working on changing that and being very successful, recently 300+ games and counting. Apparently ~20% of new...
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    Re: Student switching to Ubuntu

    Hahaha, another conversion to FLOSS software successful. Highfive homie.
  7. Re: Opinions on whether I should buy a pre-built desktop or build one myself?

    You should really consider the specs a little more carefully, for your prospective PC.

    If you just want it to work, buy a desktop outright,

    If you're interested in learning about computers,...
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    Re: Student switching to Ubuntu

    I'm going back to school BECAUSE of Linux. I always had some sort of plan, but 6-8 months ago I got sick of Win8, sick of reinstalling Win7 over bogged down installs that age quickly, or other...
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    Re: SO I just installed Steam

    Faster than Light. Rogue-like Star Trekky type game.

    Command your ship and crew in tight, challenging space battles, by strategically targetting different systems.
  10. Re: Practicing for the LPI certification (Level 1)

    I really like that idea. If I just post it on the meetup site and call for a LPI training / study group, that should be easy. I'll figure out where and when I wanna do it. Thanks for the tips.
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    Re: Is Linux The OS Of The Future.

    Many government organizations use Linux desktops, and almost strictly so. Some government organizations in the US make it standard for all their staff to work with open office document formats as...
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    Re: Is Linux The OS Of The Future.

    Linux based OS have to respect freedom and open source. It's part of the GPL... They don't actually have a choice. And Ubuntu has an opportunity, Mark is obviously trying to line the OS up for...
  13. Re: Practicing for the LPI certification (Level 1)

    Thanks. I've been checking out groups and stuff, but here in Vancouver I could only find one LUG, and they meet about once a month, maybe twice. I've been trying to get out to the meetings, but I...
  14. Practicing for the LPI certification (Level 1)

    I've beens studying from Ubuntu Unleashed for a while, and then somehow got my hands on a copy of the latest edition of 'Linux Essential - The LPI Introductory Programme' on my phone as an ebook. I...
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    Re: What kind of keyboard do you use?

    Nice expensive keyboard. Corsair K60 mechanical keyboard. It was sent down from the heavens to grace our world with it's beauty, and graceful keystrokes.
  16. Re: What is your favorite computer game?

    League of Legends :)

    EDIT: Oh wait, I think I already posted that :(
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    [SOLVED] Re: 32Bit vs 64Bit

    Aside from increased ram availability, 64 bit processors and OS can use a 64 bit bus, processing 64 bits of information at a time instead of 32 bits. This will increase processing speed in the...
  18. Re: What is your favorite computer game?

    I loved Hearts of Iron. It's especially fun to play with a bunch of friends, if you can talk some people into lan-ing with you.

    I lately play a lot of league of legends, xcom enemy unknown,...
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    Re: Humble Indie Bundle 9

    Unfortunately I already bought FEZ (Preordered ages ago) and FTL. FTL is absolutely amazing. To this day I'm still dazzled by the pixelly beauty. That game, and Fez, I will never forget those...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Rhythmbox Gstreamer "Error while saving song information"

    Ubuntu doesn't officially support the commercially licensed MPEG formats (mp3/mpeg3,m4a/mpeg4). From what I've studied, you have to download ubuntu-restricted-extras, or gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly,...
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