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    Re: Trojan, Worm Question

    If you find a Linux worm, please email it to me. I’d like to look at it, since Linux critters are very unusual. The last time, more than a decade ago, Linus had to modify the kernel to make a virus...
  2. Re: How to determine executable path from desktop shortcut

    The desktop launcher widgets are little scripts residing in the Desktop directory in your home directory. You can read the files with a programmer’s text editor or with any number of text utilities...
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    [SOLVED] Re: specifying filenames correctly

    Note that if you have funny characters in your filenames (space, dollar, tilde, dash, dot, etc) then you need to put ‘quotes’ around the whole pathname.
  4. Thread: Duplicity

    by HermanAB

    Re: Duplicity

    NTFS is a good and reliable filesystem, but it doesn’t save all the attributes of Linux files, so you are better off with a Linux filesystem.
  5. [kubuntu] Re: Viewing list of files whom copies failed

    Note that rsync uses checksums to ensure correct copies are made. If you need to transfer large numbers of files with increased risk of errors, use rsync.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Snaps bloating out my / partition

    There is a simple solution. You can create a partition on another disk and mount it on /snap
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can't create a partion in hard drive

    First, fsck doesn’t have anything to do with partition management. Second, the disk must be unmounted to modify the partition table. Third, be careful that you don’t mess up your main drive. The...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot format USB memory stick (opened read-only)

    to make a new filesystem, you need to unmount the schtick first.
  9. [ubuntu] Re: help configuring serial console on uefi ubuntu server 21
  10. Re: Raspberry PI no HDMI display after update

    If it was working, an update cannot make it any better. So just go back to the previous working version and be done with it.
  11. [ubuntu] Re: help configuring serial console on uefi ubuntu server 21

    The very first line is already wrong:
    setserial -g /dev/tty*

    Setserial cannot work with a wildcard.

    You are also mentioning a com4 device. Linux is not Windows.

    Consider using ssh instead...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Issues transferring files > PC to phone > Via cable >

    Hmm, you may have a bad cable. However, since it is an Android phone I would install a ssh client/server and use scp over the home network.
  13. Re: Overlayfs in Kubuntu: how to reduce occupied space after delete and deinstall

    To run off a a USB stick or SD card, just do a normal install. The overlay complication is not needed.
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    Re: Ubuntu Constantly Freezing/Crashing

    Try booting with the install media - do not install - just let it proceed to the desktop and play with it. If it doesn’t crash then the problem is likely the video device driver since the install...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Using tar to create a gzip tarball

    I would do a dry-run just listing files. Use -v for verbose mode to list the files and use /dev/null as output to avoid the overhead of writing the tarball. Exclude -v or -z if you just want to see...
  16. Re: Hibernate / Suspend / Sleep not fonctionnal

    Err… instead of a different kernel I would just install a new WiFi driver. Granted, it is hard to do anything if the network isn’t working - you may need to run a cable till you got the WiFi fixed.
  17. Thread: Permissions

    by HermanAB

    Re: Permissions

    Some clarifications may be needed for a confused new user:
    The textual user and group names are a mere convenience. The actual user and group names are numerical and the mapping between the text...
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    Re: MS Office applications on Linux

    Redhat made a set of fonts that are indistinguishable from the MS fonts - so there is no need to install the MS fonts. The liberation fonts are part of every Linux distro:...
  19. [SOLVED] Re: FFmpeg command line to sharpen old video clips ?

    Here you go:
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    Re: MS Office applications on Linux

    MS Word documents tend to look slightly different on Linux, mainly because of font differences. If you don't use many weird fonts, then Libre Office will be OK.

    Cross Over Office is another...
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    Re: Compressing MP4 File

    Theoretically, if the video was encoded with H.264 then you could transcode it with H.265 by using ffmpeg and it will shrink significantly, but it will be a little more fuzzy.
  22. Re: How Do I Get Crontab to Run a Whole Directory of PHP Files?

    Use find with exec.
  23. Re: problems using active directory for authentication service

    Again, note that Windows and Linux handle case differently. If a name is defined in lower case in Linux, the result is a case insensitive name. That is why you can type http://GooGle.CoM and it...
  24. Re: problems using active directory for authentication service

    From my limited experience, the first thing is to ensure that all machines have network time, point the DNS client at the AD DNS server, then get the kerberos client to work and after that the rest...
  25. Re: problems using active directory for authentication service

    Eew… I’m just wondering whether you are studying for a career on the Dark Side, or are you just a sucker for punishment?

    Active Directory is LDAP, DNS and Kerberos done wrong. That awkward...
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