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  1. [xubuntu] Re: Cannot fullscreen a YouTube video.

    You don't have to install Flash. It comes built into Google Chrome via pepperflash. I don't have this problem on Arch Linux though.
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Lexmark S600 cups-insecure-filter Help!

    Since no one could help me, I finally figured it out.

    Run this in terminal:

    sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/lexmark/v3/bin

    sudo chgrp root /usr/local/lexmark/v3/bin/printfilter
  3. [xubuntu] Cannot fullscreen a YouTube video.

    I'm using Google Chrome Version 23.0.1271.64

    I have this problem every time. It glitches and the only way out of it is to press ESC or go down to the bottom right corner where the minimize button...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Lexmark S600 cups-insecure-filter Help!

    I'm sad since I have no help. No one else must have this problem.... Is it in the wrong category? :(
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Lexmark S600 cups-insecure-filter Help!

    Anyone else have this problem? I've got something confidential that I MUST print. Thank you
  6. [SOLVED] Lexmark S600 cups-insecure-filter Help!

    XUBUNTU 12.10
    I have a problem with my Lexmark Interact S605. I installed it using the DEBs from, but I'm having the cups-insecure-filter problem. On my dad's laptop I didn't have this...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: How to install Ralink RT5370 usb cards.

    This may not be the correct driver for your device... It should be though. I've never seen or had a problem like this before. Do you have a wireless switch? Usually it will be on the keyboard like...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: What's the Ubuntu 12.10 LTS Root Password

    If you absolutely want a root password "su password" (I don't recommend this) then open a Terminal and type
    sudo passwd and press enter. You will need to enter your own password then when it asks,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: change ubuntu 12.04 lock screen

    If you just want to change the background try this
    You have LightDM which is meant to be light on system...
  10. Re: Problems with Belkin N150 micro usb wireless adapter

    Try this.
    Open a Terminal. (Ubuntu button>Type "terminal" without quotes>press "Terminal")
    sudo gedit /etc/modules and enter your password. At the bottom of the text (usually "lp" is the...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: No network with Gigabyte GA-G41M-Combo Motherboard

    Do you have Linux Kernel 3.x+? It seems through my research on Google that your card should be supported in a higher Linux kernel revision. I recommend upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04 or installing the...
  12. [wubi] Re: [Ubuntu 12.04] After Reboot, Broadcom STA Driver not working.

    Try opening Terminal and typing
    sudo gedit /etc/modules. Type your root password to open up the text editor. At the bottom of the file put
    b43. Press save and exit gedit. Reboot your computer. It...
  13. [xubuntu] Boot Hang! HELP! Have to force reboot.

    I have a Dell Optiplex GX260 that is having boot problems. It didn't have these problems with Xubuntu 11.10. I currently have Xubuntu 12.04 installed, and when I boot the computer sometimes the...
  14. [all variants] Re: Slow bootup or no bootup Optiplex GX260

    Good God. Someone reply and help me.
  15. [all variants] Re: Slow bootup or no bootup Optiplex GX260

    Bump. Why is no one replying? What more info do I need to give? Is it in the wrong category?
  16. [all variants] Slow bootup or no bootup Optiplex GX260

    I have a Dell Optiplex GX260 (Old, I know) and I have tried to install Xubuntu 12.04 which install successfully. The Problem:
    When I turn on the computer (I've set GRUB config to show kernel msgs)...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: ASUS F1A 55-M LE 12.04 installer crashes

    I'm having similar problems on an older computer I have with only 1gb of ram. The installer of any Lubuntu, Xubuntu, etc... Will crash at 50% and go to live desktop. I think it has to do with AMD...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: tried it diden't work....again tired of it ...ditching it

    I'm having a problem where in Xubuntu or Lubuntu it will get to about 50% copying files and Ubiqity will crash and go to the livecd desktop. Can someone help?
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    [ubuntu] Re: 12.04 Installation Crashes

    I'm also having similar problems. It does the same on Lubuntu and Xubuntu. I get about half way copying files and then I get spinning cursor and BAM I'm at the livecd desktop. It then says there was...
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    [SOLVED] Re: USB Audio not working! Help!

    Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! I downloaded that and opened it with ALT+F2 and typed in pavucontrol. It opened and I just messed around with it and with the controls under the volume icon on the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: USB Audio not working! Help!

    I'm not currently at the computer I'm having problems with, but it is running Xubuntu 11.10. It's a generic "3D Sound" USB card. Link to it:...
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    [SOLVED] USB Audio not working! Help!

    I have a cheap USB audio card I bought from amazon. It works fine in Windows and plays music and youtube audio great. But in Xubuntu, nothing plays at all! Please help! :confused::confused::confused:
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    [SOLVED] Re: remove chainloader

    I have a setup like you. Windows, Hackintosh, Xubuntu. I just left the GRUB loader there. It doesn't bother me, but it might bother you. From my knowledge, you MUST keep GRUB there for Ubuntu to be...
  24. [SOLVED] Re: Install Ubuntu 10.10 on Win7... this wants 300GB of disk space!!!

    Well, get a gparted cd iso and burn it. Boot to it and see if there is anyway to resize it, or if there are any other partitions. If you have an OEM partition, I recommend NOT removing it. Just...
  25. [xubuntu] Re: Lenovo s205 wireless - xubuntu 12.04

    Try using my RT5370 tutorial in the Networking section of Ubuntu forums. It should also cover your chipset though I never said it would in the tutorial. Just try.

    LINK to tutorial:
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