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  1. Poll: Re: Gaming Computer: Hardware, Software, Ubuntu?

    If you wish to build a gaming computer fact is fact, most games are made for windows, I would recommend using Windows as your OS, however much I hate windows, that would be your best choice.

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    Everquest 2 help please

    Hello, I have been trying to get Everquest 2 to run under Ubuntu 8.04 using wine. I cant seem to get the game to launch right. the scanner loads fine but it doesnt open up the launcher.

    I cant...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Emerald replace help, xwinrap help please

    Thanks alot It works fine now thanks to you:). finaly i dont have to leave that cursed terminal

    I got xwinwrap to work but how do i get it to keep the desktop icons on top of the...
  4. [ubuntu] Emerald replace help, xwinrap help please

    Hello every time i run emerald --replace command in terminal it replaces the them but then i close the terminal and the bar at the top of any of my folders or explorers vanishes. how do i keep the...
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    [ubuntu] audio driver for sb live 5.1

    None of my music or videos play audio when using my creative sound blaster live 5.1 audio card

    can tell me how to fix this problem. sorry i cant get much more specific except my card model number...
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    Re: Regnum online help please

    ok i know its been forever since u posted to me about this...... my computer crashed with ubuntu during an update soon after i read this. it took this long to reinstall ubuntu because i was busy with...
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    Regnum online help please

    Hello ok, i have problem launching the regnum launcher, it wont open, under


    tab open with

    theres no files there it doesnt have anything to open it with.

    do i have to...
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