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    [SOLVED] Re: How do I install PDT with packaged Eclipse 3.5?


    I need to install pdt, but likewise getting dependency issues. I ran into a bug report, but haven't found solution.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Tried several manuals, but cannot reinstall ATI driver. Help greatly appreciated.

    markbuntu, thanks for your reply.

    I've tried those steps. But for some reason, that didn't work. Since using ati's installer didn't work, I also tried generating packages. Now I'm concerned...
  3. [ubuntu] Tried several manuals, but cannot reinstall ATI driver. Help greatly appreciated.

    I have an ATI Radeon HD 4650 graphics card and a few months ago when I installed Hardy Heron (8.04), simply downloaded the driver from the ati website (here), used the installation guide and all...
  4. [ubuntu] Hardy Heron 8.04 - after recent update, reinstalling ati drivers fail

    I actually went through several pages of threads and found that about a couple of people had similar issues.

    After updating their version of ubuntu their video drivers broke. I'm kind of new to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ATI & Update broke my Ubuntu!!!

    I have a similar issue.

    Try these steps:

    Currently, trying option 3. Option 4 didn't work, even with recently released drivers by ati...
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    [ubuntu] Re: can not boot in ubuntu 8.04

    let me know if you get ati drivers to work. I updated 8.04, reinstalled and no luck.

  7. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS crashing with vertical lines down the screen

    The quickest solution is to go into recovery mode and do "xfix" just to get past blank screens. Of course, you won't have a properly functioning video driver.

    I'm experiencing video driver...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Nvidia drivers don't work with upgrade

    I have a similar issue with ATI.

    After updating Hardy Heron 8.04, my video driver no longer works. I've downloaded the latest installer from ATI and still no luck.
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