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    [ubuntu] Re: Apache umask

    There is a bug in the Apache mod_dav module in 10.04 (2.2.14 apache2) so that all files are created with the wrong permissions.

    You can either:
    - install apache 2.2.15 - I am thinking about that...
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    [ubuntu] Re: WEBDAV User right management

    Good stuff. I only go up by LTS so this really is quite annoying. Perhaps it will be backported to 10.04 in April? though no further notes in Launchpad about this yet.

    So for the moment I'm using...
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    [ubuntu] Re: WEBDAV User right management

    Has someone logged a bug for this or found out what is going on?

    My users are quite annoyed as I had moved "up" from lighttpd to Apache for webdav. Lighttpd respected the directory defaults and...
  4. [all variants] Re: In LDAP how do I change the organization

    It does not look like this is possible, easily. I think I need to create a second DB, I've no idea if that will work. and then loadup the ldif file from slapcat of the current DB.

    Have tried...
  5. [all variants] In LDAP how do I change the organization

    I've got 8.10 of Ubuntu and currently running openLDAP and have SAMBA domain using this along with the PAM changes on all machines to authenticate the logins.

    Now I've got a situation where I need...
  6. [xubuntu] Interesting experience with login and ldap down

    I just had a very interesting experience. One that will teach me a lesson.

    Last night I scheduled a reboot of one of my servers. This just happened to the main NAS and LDAP server as well. So on...
  7. [all variants] Re: Upgrade 9.10 - OpenLDAP upgrade issues?

    thought i'd just bump this
  8. [all variants] Re: Upgrade 9.10 - OpenLDAP upgrade issues?

    Thanks, I knew there had to be something. Last set of release notes for 9.04 also didn't mention anything about OpenLDAP update either. And when I did it, my OpenLDAP was broken. Only laster by...
  9. [all variants] Upgrade 9.10 - OpenLDAP upgrade issues?

    I currently have a server on 9.04 which is my OpenLDAP server, runs a Samba domain and authentication for Linux as well as internal websites.

    Are there any known issues with the upgrade to 9.10...
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    [ubuntu] Re: OpenLdap and samba problems

    Okay, I solved my the /etc/ldap.conf

    I needed to add/modify these lines:

    nss_base_passwd ou=People,dc=cham,dc=local?one
    nss_base_passwd ou=Machines,dc=cham,dc=local?one...
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    [ubuntu] Re: OpenLdap and samba problems

    I'm having exactly these problems! I'm on Ubuntu Jaunty server.

    Below is my smb.conf:

    workgroup = CHAMDOM
    server string = %h server (Samba, Ubuntu)
    map to guest = Bad User...
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    [all variants] Edge10 RAID supported by UBUNTU

    I'm looking at a external RAID enclosure as I've no space in my box for 4 drives in a RAID 5 configuration.

    I've looked at edge10 and a couple of others. Are these all compatible with UBUNTU. Any...
  13. [ubuntu] Samba printing without driver upload/download

    I'd like to setup Samba such that it does not enable the use of driver upload and download. I'd rather install the drivers from a CD. This is because I have tried this point'n print and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: dnsmasq Confusion

    have you tried removing domain-name-servers from your dhclient.conf file?

    You need to do a networking restart I think after changing this file.
  15. [all variants] Openntpd never syncs, but ntp does - what's up?

    Hello all,
    I've an interesting problem;

    I installed openntpd on to my 8.04 server and configured it - very easy. I then did a ntpdate to a time server to set my clock and then started openntpd....
  16. [xubuntu] Re: CUPS webadmin very slow if gateway down

    I have passed this on to looks like it was ignoring hostnamelookups and just attempting to access DNS to do a reverse lookup regardless.

    Will be fixed in 1.4 - dunno if it will be...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Local Print OK but Network Print Fails, job completed in CUPS but no printout

    Be handy if you could tell us version numbers (Im guessing 1.3.7) and are you using cups client on WIndows. Plus a look at your cupsd.conf and printers.conf would also help.

    I've successfully used...
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    [all variants] Re: SAMBA issue with my bizhub scanner

    I don't have anything additional on my machine that I know of. I do get errors on my scan-to-smb...I get some unknown error which I cannot find anywhere. When I check the SMB log..the scanner logs in...
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    [ubuntu] Re: CUPS failing if printer is off

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    [all variants] Re: SAMBA issue with my bizhub scanner

    Now to figure out which line actually makes it work.

    BTW what specific build of SAMBA is OS X using? I think OS X is also BSD based...and I wonder if that is also a factor.
  21. [xubuntu] [SOLVED] CUPS webadmin very slow if gateway down

    Hello all;
    My network is using a shared gateway via wireless bridge. The network is shared wirelessly throughout the building (well most of it). I have PC's in my office and I have one XUBUNTU...
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    [all variants] Re: SAMBA issue with my bizhub scanner

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    [ubuntu] CUPS failing if printer is off

    Hello. I'm running 8.04 and I have CUPS installed.
    I have two network printers: a Samsun ML-3560ND and a
    Konica Minolta Bizhub 250.

    The problem I have is that often I forget to turn on the...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: test page from a printer crashes (samba)

    Apparently, before I can touch anything...before I can print. I need to save the printer settings into SAMBA's tdb files for each printer.Otherwise...crash!

    Can't try it out - not without...
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    Re: why Linux always crash

    Slow. Don't believe it. CentOS 5.1 on identical hardware to Windows Server 2008 run much much faster. I am a developer on both and can tell you that oracle 11g runs much stabler and faster on CentOS...
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