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  1. [ubuntu] How to Torque on ubuntu 10.04 on a single multicore machine

    I updated this on jul 21 using comments below

    Torque is a batch job queuing system that is used on clusters. But I find it handy to use it on my multi-core workstation as well. It allows jobs that...
  2. [ubuntu] How to install Torque on ubuntu 8.04 on a single multicore machine

    Torque is a batch scheduling system that is often used on clusters. I find it handy to run it on my local machine so I can test run some of my scripts before going on to the cluster. So I started out...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: fspot: does "hash for duplicates do anything?"

    This is what I did to solve the general empty field problem.

    1) backup your database (don't skip)
    2) sqlite3 ~/.gnome2/f-spot/photos.db "UPDATE photos set md5_sum = NULL where md5_sum == ''"
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