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    Article on setting up SSD?

    Has there been an article about best and bad practice for using SSD's?

    I have been looking through the last 6 ussues or so and was wondering if there have been. SSD's are getting cheaper and...
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    [all variants] Re: quick terminal question dd


    bs is blocksize.

    What he wants to do is copy the contents of grub-img.iso to his usb stick.

    TS command looks correct. Are you in the directory that has the ISO in it?

    Reference: ...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Does Unity supposed to look/behave like this ?

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    Re: This is the people who don't like/hate Unity...

    No, you need to get used to it. That takes time but Unity IS quicker but you need to re-learn how to do it quickly.
    For instance:
    <super>+1 opens home folder. <super>+2 opens 2nd launcher.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unity power user's guide

    1. I always use a top panel so I am fine with this ;)
    2. No we do not; I removed them all :)
    3. You can change the size within ccsm.
    4. yeah I miss this too BUT I found a tutorial on editing the...
  6. Re: Unity GUI training camp - [for Unity-enthusiast/skeptic who want it costructive]

    Is there someone with a PNG with shortcuts? Or something that I can put over my current desktop (a screenlet?) ?

    Tip #1: alt-f2 opens 'run command' (anyone probably knows that). But it took some...
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    Re: POLL : your first reactions to the Unity interface

    Classic user here.

    Unity is not ready for me and I shall stick to gnome 2.3 for this release. Hopefully Unity will mature in the next 6 months.
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Proper way to use temp file and or /tmp in bash script

    I would not use /tmp/ but either in a dir in the home of the user or /var/tmp or /usr/tmp/ (last 2 are OS dependent).

    If need be you can write a small cron-script that cleans your ./tmp/ every...
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    Re: Cool old and recent tv anime ?

    One of the BEST anime I ever watched (and I saw A LOT since I have been following all new anime since 2005). Pity eps 11 and 12 got changed due to the earthquake.

    'Puella Magi Madoka Magica' is...
  10. Re: Why an Ubuntu desktop is just as insecure as a Windows desktop

    Oy. I know what I talk about. Do not assume I do not.

    Oh and just to **** you off... with this post you also admit Fedora IS less secure since you need to set an option to make your system more...
  11. Re: Why an Ubuntu desktop is just as insecure as a Windows desktop

    No Fedora is less secure when it comes to remote access. I should have added that in my 1st post about that. Sorry!

    We all know Fedora uses root as admin account so all we need is the password...
  12. Re: Why an Ubuntu desktop is just as insecure as a Windows desktop

    No I am not: sudo is Ubuntu's securityMillions of windows users and flawed services. Mail is inherited flawed that opened up spam.
    SPAM could effictively be removed from the world by a few simple...
  13. Re: Why an Ubuntu desktop is just as insecure as a Windows desktop

    If it could happen in *nix it would already have happend. Do not underestimate those hackers: I bet hacking into *nix is top priority with hackers since it would instantly make that hacker top-dog. ...
  14. Re: Why an Ubuntu desktop is just as insecure as a Windows desktop

    Oh is it? I disagree. You might find 1, 2, 3 people willing to do this but you will soon run into someone that knows what is happening en that will inform all the other users!

    We do not care if...
  15. Re: Why an Ubuntu desktop is just as insecure as a Windows desktop

    Good explanation!

    But here you are wrong.
    We need 2 things!
    1. a router so you can keep people outside your system;
    2. common sense.

    There is only 1 need for AV software in Linux: if you...
  16. Re: Why an Ubuntu desktop is just as insecure as a Windows desktop

    Here you shall fail...

    Thing is... you need to convince me and any other person to start your script with sudo. You may find 1, 2 of 3 people willing to do that. BUT you -will- run into a person...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu doesn't look like the screenshot advertised ?

    you downloaded an older Ubuntu (that background was for 8.04 en not 10.10) ;)
  18. [ubuntu] Re: cp not dealing with variable properly?sudo Please Help

    Looking at it I (not being an expert) am thinking this is weird:


    that ` looks wrong there. Looks like it is part of the filename
  19. [all variants] Re: Which distro has least/no use of command line?


    command line is the -best- and -most- powerful feature of Linux.
    Just learn about what you did wrong.

    ALL of us (no exceptions) have killed our own machine with stupid commands or...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Simple shell programming problem

    What is the condition for breaking it up like that?
    (assuming you need it for something else?)

    The command to use for this I assume seems to be

    echo "This is and I'm...
  21. Re: what do you think when you pass by somenone with a Linux computer

    1st girl I saw using debian I said: hey marry me :+
    She smiled but unfortunately said no.
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    Re: Unity Alternative

    But support forums tend to be full of complaints and problems so I do not believe it to be strange to see people complain about Unity ;)
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    Re: Unity Alternative

    I could not resist...
    I have been using 11.04 since y-day and for -my- purposes it is production ready. It once every while has a software crash or crashes in item from the tray but that's not too...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Linux commands

    Go to command line.
    cd to_directory_that_has_file
    file {filename}
    if it says "text" you can use gedit
    gedit {filename}

    otherwise post what is says after you issue the file command and someone...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Calling all sudo gurus...

    Simpel... compare these...
    1. One system that uses root as admin.
    2. One system that uses an username as admin.

    1. One system that lets you use root to log in.
    2. One system that lets an...
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