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  1. Re: what is the best touchscreen notebook with ubuntu

    OP is a drive-by, having registered to the forum, posted and logged out all within 8 minutes 2 months ago, and who has not logged in since.

    Thread closed to prevent anyone else's time being wasted.
  2. [Zorin] Re: How Can I Install Realtek 2.5gbe Driver in Ubuntu for My M/B Network Card

    Thread moved to Ubuntu/Debian based sub-forum.
  3. [SOLVED] Re: What can I and should I recover and how can I do it

    Duplicate. Closed.
  4. Re: 20.04 NetworkManager How to autoconnect to specific hidden Wi-Fi network?

    Moved to own thread from here. Please start your own threads.

    Unless you give specifics about the wireless hardware on your problematic machine, no one is likely to be able to help. Have a look at...
  5. Re: Something wrong with youtube-dl on "20.04.1 LTS (Focal Fossa)"

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    Re: Login incorrect for synaptic

    Threads merged. Please do not post duplicate threads. This causes confusion and dilutes community effort.
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    Re: Forbidden search?? ;)

    Double sigh.

    When I said, "nothing to do with installing or upgrading Ubuntu" I was referring to the fact that your post is about a problem you are having with the forum software. I don't doubt...
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    Re: Forbidden search?? ;)

    Since this has nothing to do with installing or upgrading Ubuntu, thread moved to Forum Feedback & Help.

    Ever since Canonical IS hardened the server after a serious hack some years ago, the...
  9. [SOLVED] Re: Following 20.04 upgrade - broken launchers

    @sussexlad, I've merged this latest thread with your week-old thread. If you do not get a reply after about 12-24 hours, you are welcome to bump the thread to bring it up to the top and to the...
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    Re: Hibernate Problem

    Threads merged. Please do not post duplicates about the same problem.
  11. [server] Re: 19.10 Server with CUPS/HPLIP - Unable to add network printer?

    @Graham_White, this thread is about an obsolete and now unsupported version of Ubuntu. If you need help, please start your own thread.

    Old thread closed.
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    [SOLVED] Re: The dual boot problem

    The text of your sig is exactly the same as the text in the signature field of your profile. Obvious question: did you remember to click on the "Save Signature" button under the Edit Signature editor...
  13. Re: Bluetooth Problem (Linux Mint Cinnamon)

    Thread moved the the Mint sub-forum.
  14. Re: 18.04 LTS -> 20.04 LTS do-release-upgrade report

    As this does not appear to be a request for technical support, thread moved to Ubuntu, Linux and OS Chat.
  15. Re: upgrade to18-04-5 lost comment section on youtube videos

    No, it isn't. Just press the TAB key to highlight the OK button, and then enter to confirm OK. This is a terminal process - you can't click on the button with your mouse.

    Did you have another...
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    Re: thumbnail images

    Please do not do that. Large images are inconsiderate of those with limited bandwidth and inconsiderate of those using mobile devices to view the forum. If you post large images hosted off-site,...
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    Re: Update closed before complete

    Thread moved to Ubuntu Development Version sub-forum.
  18. Re: Will Ubuntu 20.10 work on Surface devices without a third party kernel?

    Ubuntu 20.10

    Thread moved to Ubuntu Development Version.
  19. Re: Need installation software for HP4470 scanjet

    Duplicate. Closed.
  20. Re: Need installation cd for HP 4470C Scanjet

    Duplicate thread. Closed.
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    Re: Ubuntu start up

    Duplicate of Closed.

    Please do not post duplicates. This causes confusion and dilutes community effort.
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    Re: Canonical Problem

    The Forum, Feedback & Help sub-forum is for:

    Thread moved to General Help.
  23. Re: Where can i ask questions about Fedora on the internet?

    Try again. When I search for "fedora forum" in DuckDuckGo, the very first hit is the Fedora forum which oldfred has linked you to, and which I would have recommended as well. It is very much alive...
  24. Thread: GRUB Problem

    by coffeecat

    Re: GRUB Problem

    Split from this thread:

    Please start your own threads. That thread was resolved.
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    Re: Duplicate accounts

    There is no siepo2 account in our database. In July 2018, you changed the email address in your siepo account. That is the only email change I can see.

    From what I can find, there is nothing...
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