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  1. Re: Bash Command Substitution - strange effect

    No, I did not do that; everything was constructed within gedit. However, you did give me the clue as to what was really going on.
    Here is my original script with a couple of lines (indented, so you...
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    Re: Subscribing to forum

    OK, I have hopefully now found how to get the email notifications.
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    Subscribing to forum

    I seem to be subscribed to the forum Desktop Environments (apparently I posted there once). I recently posted to Programming Talk, but I cannot find any means to become subscribed to it.

    Also, I...
  4. Re: Bash Command Substitution - strange effect

    I started in a shell owned by root, but then I did a 'su -' to control, so I expected to find myself in a new shell (as if I was logged in as control). It had certainly been all the way through...
  5. Bash Command Substitution - strange effect

    Sometimes one has to worry about the difference between the Real User and the Effective User. 'whoami' gives the effective user. More useful are 'id -run' and 'id -un' to obtain real and effective...
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