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  1. 20.04 stuck in SSSD failure loop at boot


    An upgrade of 20.04 failed and I could not log in as any user. I attempted to reboot and now boot is stuck in SSSD failure loop.

    There's no grub menu. I can get a prompt, but when I tried...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Gparted still sees my old ZFS pool after new install on etx4 / xfs

    When you prepped the drive did you run 'wipefs -a'? I'd wipe it that way and delete+create a new partition table in fdisk, too. Sometimes that lingering stuff is hard to get rid of.

    If you have...
  3. Re: What all tools should be install for the best zfs experience


    Another Illumos user here (OmniOS in my case)

    I set up Ubuntu 19.10 on my laptop bc of the installer's new ZFS option, really happy with it so far

    I wrote some scripts for zfsnap, since...
  4. Re: Scripts to partially automate Ubuntu 18.04 on ZFS installation

    Very true! It is definitely not supported for root filesystems, although it is arguably very helpful to have for snapshots - still looking for a replacement for beadm like Solaris. I will use your...
  5. Scripts to partially automate Ubuntu 18.04 on ZFS installation

    Have some fairly rudimentary scripts I threw together while installing Ubuntu 18.04 on ZFS using a live ISO flash drive.

    This definitely makes things easier for me and MUCH faster than going...
  6. LSI 9210-8i not detected in 18.04, what am I missing?

    I'm coming from an ESXi background where LSI SAS2008 drivers were provided by default. I'm excited about moving to Ubuntu so I am really hoping this will be a viable system for me to migrate to....
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