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  1. Re: Apache download file through symlink

    I somehow managed to get it to work although im not sure what I did.. -_-
    Thanks for the help anyway.. hehe
  2. Re: Apache download file through symlink

    I think so.. am not sure. Everything is either 777 of 755
  3. Re: Apache download file through symlink

    I believe all files and folders have the right permissions :(
  4. Apache download file through symlink

    I have a apache server at my ubuntu 13.04 server which I mainly use to send files to family and friends or store a few files I need a lot when I'm not home.
    My problem is that I would like to put...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Dual booting Windows 8 and Ubuntu 13.04 in EFI mode

    I've got this same problem.
    I bought a win8 laptop this morning and succesfully uefi installed Ubuntu 13.04 x64.
    Upon rebooting there are 2 Windows items in grub but open trying them I get the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Replacing 2 hard drives with SSD

    My installataion uses about 45 GB including some databases for my server at the moment so I know 128 is a lot of space. Fact is however that if I want to buy one SSD for the two drives together it...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Replacing 2 hard drives with SSD

    I want to replace my drives for the following reasons.
    My root drive for speed, and my temp drive because it's one of those old noisy drives. So I thought I'd save myself some money by buying a 256...
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    [ubuntu] Replacing 2 hard drives with SSD

    I am currently running a linux server, mainly for downloading and backup services, and I'm thinking about buying an SSD drive to replace my root drive.
    I have a separate temp drive where downloads...
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    [ubuntu] Slow fresh install 12.10 on SSD

    I've been running Kubuntu for a few years but lately I've been having issue's so I decided to switch to Ubuntu which I did this morning.

    I installed Ubuntu on my main drive (SSD!) and set up my...
  10. [kubuntu] Re: KDE partition manager SUPER slow to open

    I don't know the answer, but I want to point out it's the same way here. It has been this way for quite some time. I re-installed Kubuntu a few times and it allways has been terribly slow...
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    [SOLVED] Re: VMware Player not working in 12.10

    I can't get it to work.
    I've been at it for at least 5 hours, reinstalled VMware 9 at least 8 times and tried patching it for I guess 15 times.

    Everytime I run the patch I get an error saying I...
  12. [kde] Identical KDE panels on dual-screen setup

    I'm looking for a way too copy one panel I made and move it to my other screen so both are exactly the same size.

    I know I can make a new panel on the second screen but it's almost impossible to...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: ssh keyless authentication not working as root

    I think it might have something to do with permissions?

    Anybody got a lead on that?
  14. [ubuntu] ssh keyless authentication not working as root

    I've set up keyless auth many times on several systems and I've never had any problems before but this time I can't get it to work.

    I'm trying to establish a root to root keyless authentication....
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Have linux box pull files from windows through rsync

    Thanks a lot! It took me some time to get it installed but now I have it up and running it seems to do exactly what I want!

  16. [ubuntu] Re: Have linux box pull files from windows through rsync

    I am trying to backup up file that are on a windows machine by accessing it from a linux server using rsync. I have a nice full/incr backup script which works great for backing up my linux pc so I'd...
  17. [ubuntu] Have linux box pull files from windows through rsync

    Is it possible to have my linux server pull files from my girlfriends windows pc using rsync? Does anyone know a way?

    I tried several apps but they all send it from windows to my linux server but...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problem with symbolic link

    I had to read this at least 10 times but I understand now.

    I managed to create a symlink called hh:mm and renamed it to current! Thanks a lot for sending me in the right direction.

    As they say:...
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    [ubuntu] Symbolic link links to parent folder of "link-target"

    I'm writing a bash rsync backup script which has to create a symbolic link at some point during the script. I have set variables for the destination, host, year, month, day, hour and minute.

  20. [ubuntu] Stable wifi-connection, internet drops suddenly

    Im running a ubuntu 12.04 box with a wireless card in it. I have 2 wired ethernet connections. eth0 is used for regular network access (downloads/sharing etc) while eth1 is connected to bridge with...
  21. [ubuntu] Hostapd access point connection drops suddenly

    I set up a wifi access point on my ubuntu server box (now at ubuntu server 12.04) about a week or two ago. In order to get it working I bridged my eth1 with wlan0. Everything seems to be allright, no...
  22. [SOLVED] Only 3 out of 8 GB mem recognized on 64 bit system

    I installed my ubuntu server 11.10 last week and everything has been running fine. Upon receiving my new memory this morning I ran "top" and I saw that my old 4 GB mem wasnt totally recognized. Only...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: starting gedit over ssh -X outputs session bus error

    Thanks for the link but it doesn't seem that anything it says there can help me out. I tried the sudo, su and su - but nothing seems to work..
  24. [ubuntu] starting gedit over ssh -X outputs session bus error

    Just recently I re-installed my new server with ubuntu 11.10 server edition. Installation went as expected, it boot's fine and everything seems to be working just fine, except for gedit over ssh
  25. [SOLVED] Re: Drive mounted as sdb instead of sda and vice versa

    @gsgleason thx for your help.
    I checked my bios settings. Changed SATA controller to AHCI and after a reboot I was pleased to see my drives were now called how I want them!
    Thanks a lot!
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