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    [ubuntu] Re: frequent wireless dropouts

    I will also be looking for an answear to the same problem. Before I reformatted and re-installed ubuntu I had no problem with wireless. Now I am getting a similar problem that the OP is having. I had...
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    Re: What are you listening to right now?

    Pink Floyd- Echoes
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    Re: How to become a mod?

    That is where the true power lies. I was a moderator on a medium sized forum(about the same size of UF). The admins and supermods had all the fun. The mods just got to watch the admins and supermods...
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    Re: How to get a computer with no OS

    It is a great way to lean about hardware. You can also get exactly what you want. You won't get any garbage, and you won't have to wish you had that part.

    I built a good PC for around $600. It...
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    Re: How many non-IT members?

    I am not in the IT industry. My current job has me in a warehouse doing odd jobs. I am going to college for engineering. While I am there I am going to look into a job working at one of the school's...
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    Re: Dell Red Hat, Dell Ubuntu or System76

    I have a system 76 laptop. One thing that is great about system 76 is the support. They have a forum here where you ask questions and get a response very quickly.

    I am very pleased with my system...
  7. [all variants] Re: Upgrading hard drive and ram in pangolin value?

    Well it took me less time to drop out my old hd, stick in the new one, install ubuntu, and then take all my important files from the old hd.

    So, everything is solved with the HD.

    Now what...
  8. [all variants] Re: Upgrading hard drive and ram in pangolin value?

    Well something got messed on the drive when I dd'ed it. I cannot mount it. It gives me the error sign with no message.

    This is becoming a pain for me. I am just going to install HH on the drive...
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    Re: You know you're a geek when........

    When you hear dd the first thing you think of is cloning entire discs, and not *****. linux dd is better than the other dd. The other dd gets in the way of things.
  10. [all variants] Re: Upgrading hard drive and ram in pangolin value?

    I am just about done dd'ing all my sda1 and sda3 to the new disc. I made sure to make a 2.5gb swap file.

    Will I have to fix my grub? I have my root and swap drives on an extended partition. The...
  11. [all variants] Re: Questions on the system76 Laptops. (Hardware)

    Lightscribe drives would be nice to have. An eSATA connection would be nice as well.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Mounting Unkown USB hard drive

    I made sure i had /media/sdb created before I tried what I did. So I was heading in the right direction.

    So I am going to let it format the drive in ext3.

    Now what is the best way to copy a...
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    [ubuntu] Mounting Unkown USB hard drive

    I am running Ubuntu 8.04 and I have a 320gb external no-name hard drive that i want to use. The light shows that the drive is working properly. I can't find the drive listed in my computer.

  14. Re: Worst mistake new Linux users make? (surely been done before; oh well)

    I tried installing wine when I first got ubuntu running. I have only had one program(guild wars) work with wine. I would warn people about wine. Installing it is not too hard, but there is a very...
  15. Re: *bashes through downloaded tokyo causing mass panic and disupting the internet*

    *grabs popcorn and watches rampage on live TV*

    This is cheaper and better than the movies. The special effects are better as well.
  16. [all variants] Upgrading hard drive and ram in pangolin value?

    I have a Pangolin value(purchased in march 2008 ). I have 320gb SATA hard drive on order. What do I have to do to change out the hard drive? Will I void the warranty?

    I also want to clone my...
  17. Re: Ubuntu/Linux Laptop from System76 for College

    System 76 offers a guide on how to install windows on their laptop if it is necessary. The only things I can see needing windows for are specialized programs. I know through my college(University of...
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    Poll: Re: super powers

    Immortality would be great. You would be able to live to see a computer than can run windows vista. You would not want to get married since you would go through a few wives before you got bored of...
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    Re: What are you listening to right now?

    Pink Floyd- Comming back to life.

    The Division Bell is a good album.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Sound stopped working

    I had a similar problem. It happens every 4th boot. I boot 3 times with full sound. I boot the 4th time, no sound.

    I have a Pangolin Value that I purached in march 2008. I currently am running...
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    Re: Im scared of buying a laptop!

    I own a system 76 laptop. I got a good laptop with a 8600gt for $870. I have not had any problems with it to date. I do plan on dropping in 4gb of ram and 320gb HD so I can use it as a desktop...
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    Poll: Re: When do you consider a computer "old"?

    I concider more than 5 years to be old. My brother still uses a p4 system from 2003 to play guild wars(at full graphics) and surf the internet.

    I may give them my current PC(I am going to college...
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    Re: Ant Problem?

    Run F@H(folding at home) on the thing for a few days. I don't think ants like a laptop that is cooking at 50-60c for several days straight.
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    Poll: Re: Do you shutdown? Or leave it on?

    When I turn off my desktop and turn it back on, wierd things happen. I leave my computer on as much as possible. It usually gets taken out when the power goes out for a second.

    I don't feel like...
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    Re: You know you're a geek when........

    You kill you wife by hacking the tester and installing linux on it. You can do all sorts of cool things with it, except measure blood glucose. She can't find her glucouse level and dies from too much...
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