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  1. Re: HIB Super Meat Boy Crash (Final Boss Part 2)

    I have the same problem in both Ubuntu 64 and Arch 64. Running the 32-bit executable in Arch has the same problem. I have NVIDIA 8800GT with the proprietary drivers installed.
    Any fix?

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    Re: The BUMP Thread

    Well I am alright. Not very active here these days though.
  3. Re: Development Why use a distro like Ubuntu instead of an Rolling one?

    Well Hard disks may be insanely large but SSDs aren't. There are plenty of people who use SSDs and they are not cheap you know, a 60GB one set me back $125/₹6500 for a start.
    Obviously though, I...
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    [SOLVED] Re: An Apology to KDE...

    Why is this thread marked as [SOLVED]? Did KDE forgive you or what? :p
  5. Re: Will KDE ever go in a similar direction as Gnome Shell/Unity?

    What? You mean Gnome 3.4 surely.
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    Re: The BUMP Thread

    Scragar and you were not the only ones tbf.
  7. Re: Why is there gonna be no Terminal in Ubuntu 12.04?

    Even OS X has their terminal, don't see any reason it will be removed, nor have any sniff of such of an announcement. Perhaps they meant no "need" of a terminal but then that has been the case for...
  8. Re: How many times a day do you accidentally bring up the Unity bar?

    Have to say this was the first thing I did, disable the autohiding and set it to "Never" in CCSM. And yeah change the backlighting to toggle, that "Always On" thingy irritates me as well.
    I wish I...
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    Re: P is for...

    Should have been Pink/Purple Ponies. :D
  10. Re: Gnome creator: Linux has "only 10 great desktop apps"

    I must admit, I would be hard pressed to find even 10 "great" DESKTOP apps for Linux which are not available in Windows. Heck I am finding it hard to think even of one. Any great application I use is...
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    Re: Does such a distro of linux exist ?

    I'll suggest this.
  12. Re: UEFI, Secure Booting and the Windows 8 Logo requirements locking out GNU / Linux

    Couldn't it just be that the set of keys for Windows 8 be pre-authorized, while instead of blocking the other operating system which are not authorized, there could be a simple warning that "this key...
  13. Re: Microsoft dev makes more changes to Linux 3 than anyone.

  14. Re: Microsoft just want to say Happy Birthday!

    Nice video. I hope we see better interoperatibility of Microsoft's products in Linux with full support from the corporation.

    And Can WINE have some love with your products, plox? ;)
  15. Re: Microsoft dev makes more changes to Linux 3 than anyone.

    ms-dos > all.

    EDIT: Double post. Sorry mods.
  16. Re: The Software Center - Paid content

    Maybe they should add a feature "Activate Product in USC via Key", and the humble bundle guys would provide an USC key which will activate the games in the Ubuntu One account. In fact this would be a...
  17. Re: Suggestions for buying a new laptop

    ah i see, so macbook wouldn't be a good choice as i am not using OS X , so can anyone suggest me any other laptops, like i said before my main criteria is performance with ultra portability that's...
  18. Re: Suggestions for buying a new laptop

    but i will be using kubuntu on my macbook pro so is it still a good buy ? and i hear that wireless lan has problem with linux in the recent macbook pros , can anyone clarify on this ?
  19. Suggestions for buying a new laptop

    Hello , i am finally going to buy a new laptop but i need some help with it. basically most of the time i will be running kubuntu on my new laptop and i will be compiling a lot (kernel,trunk etc),...
  20. Re: MS Channeling Ubuntu's Artwork in Windows 8

    lol brilliant
  21. Re: MS Channeling Ubuntu's Artwork in Windows 8

    This has broken 20,619 patents of Canonical. Sue them.
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    Re: The rumors, are they true?

    Steam is boss. The best thing just next to DRM-free.
  23. Re: Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake has fully reached its EOL

    My first Ubuntu as well. Sweet OS. Brought back my old Pentium III back to life.
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    Re: Why the Linux hate?

    One word - Updates.
  25. Re: If you don't like Gnome 3, you're gonna' hate this (Windows 8)

    So they are using Web technologies? Apps to be built using Web Technologies? Wouldn't that mean an "open" ecosystem?
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