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  1. [ubuntu] Re: no backlight brightness change (Intel HD 3000)

    No Ideas? No help? Anyone?
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    [SOLVED] Re: WINEPREFIX and Desktop shortcuts

    No, there is no %20 on the actual command (just copied from address bar). In fact I use escape: \

    Not the manual command is failing, I explained wrong. SOFTWARE starts with manual command, but it...
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    [SOLVED] WINEPREFIX and Desktop shortcuts

    Can anyone please clarify me about shortcuts created by Wine (with custom WINEPREFIX) when installing SOFTWARE?

    I mean, I create a custom profile in which I installed SOFTWARE:

  4. [ubuntu] no backlight brightness change (Intel HD 3000)

    Hi all!
    Like in title.

    If I set GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor" inside /etc/default/grub I can change brightness via the GNOME applet (Ubuntu 19.04), but hotkeys aren't...
  5. [server] samba: privileged user and guests access differently to the same share

    Hi all there!
    I need help to a simple Samba server setup.
    So... I have an USB extHDD connected to the server PC: the whole HDD has only one partition in NTFS.

    I'd like to set-up environment like...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Brightness HotKey not working after 13.10 Update

    As in here--->
    This solution worked for me
    Section "Device"
    Identifier "card0"
    Driver "intel"
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    [ubuntu] Re: permission denied to samba config file...

    Don't know the exact link used by deadflowr, but hope this could satisfy you
  8. [all variants] auotmount in Ubuntu Server an external USB-HDD when plugged in

    I'm running Ubuntu Server: how can I get my external USB-HDD automatically mounted when I plug it?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Maya 2012 installed but now work
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Will ubuntu work after moving os to new hardware?

    You can switch your HW without too much trouble.
    The only things you should change are eth and wifi devices (the latter if it's installed on your mb) in
  11. [SOLVED] Re: show files of one folder into another folder in read-only mode

    That's just exactly what I was looking for, but... there's a "but": with your command I got folderwithanothername in read-write mode and I needed in read-only.
    The solution I've found is removing...
  12. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] show files of one folder into another folder in read-only mode

    I need to be able to read-only files of /media/folder/ into /home/username/folderwithanothername/.

    I tried with
    ln -s /media/folder/ /home/username/folderwithanothername/and the hierarchy is...
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