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    [ubuntu] Re: No sound after suspend/hibernate

    Well a work around that has worked for me was upon resume

    Volume Control > Mute All> Unmute

    And sound resumes. Again it's just a work around.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Upgrade of linux-generic keeps old versions

    I removed it on my end with computer janitor
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    [ubuntu] No multimedia sound in KDE

    I've added KDE after an install of Jaunty, everything is working perfectly in Gnome, but in KDE I have sound at start up and shutdown but when I attempt to listen to music or go to a flash page I...
  4. [ubuntu] How-To Flash Audio Problem if sound card not recognized by Pulse Audio

    How to for Flash Audio Problems in Ubuntu 9.04 (if sound card not recognized by Pulse Audio)

    Audio for flash players has been a constant problem with Ubuntu 9.04 one potential way for fixing it is...
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    [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] AutoPlay on Hardy

    If you or anyone else is still having a problem with Totem launching when a DVD is inserted but gconf is showing DVD autoplay as disabled install vlc (if not already) got under...
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    [ubuntu] Re: CS4236 sound card in Jaunty

    Another thanks, I was setting up a machine for my father-in-law and he had this GX1 laying around and it used to be hooked up to a schools network and since it no longer was XP didn't want to boot so...
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