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  1. Re: Canon PIXMA iP2600 printer driver for Ubuntu 18.04

    I have no experience with Canon printers so take that into consideration. I would follow Dino99's advice. If that doesn't work, Canon does offer Linux support though it may be less obvious than...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot boot in UEFI mode with Secure Boot disabled from 20.04.1 Live USB

    This is a very good point. Often motherboards will require a certain BIOS version or newer in order to boot Ryzen 3rd generation processors. Your motherboard vendor's web site should have pertinent...
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    Re: Ubuntu Compatible Used Desktops?

    I do not know your level of expertise or experience but have you considered a motherboard/processor/video (if needed) transplant? I've done this a couple times and have been able to get a machine...
  4. Re: Samsung printer suddenly prints gibberish

    I have a Samsung Xpress 2870(?) that will print gibberish - one or two lines of random characters per page and will continue until the paper is exhausted if I use "driverless" printing. The latest...
  5. Re: Focal Fossa updates - unattended upgrades dialog - nothing happens

    unattended-upgrades has been okay for me in 20.04. It was a pain in 18.04 on one install though. Anytime I wanted to do a manual check for new software I got a message "waiting unattended-upgrades to...
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    Re: samsung ML-2010 printer

    I have a Samsung Laser MFD. It's seen automagically but doesn't print properly with all apps. Some work, some will produce 1 or a few lines of gibberish per page and will keep going until it runs out...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Gnome top bar has shrunk

    Here is an extension that will definitely change the size and color of the top panel plus a bunch of other things like adding a second bottom panel.

    'Taskbar 2020'. There is a predecessor called...
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    Re: NVME on Ubuntu - general questions

    I have an NVMe 512 GB branded HP, actually provided by MultiPointe Systems if memory serves. The firmware update utility is Windows only. It was plug 'n' play for me. I did lose access to one of 4...
  9. [SOLVED] Re: Is there an equivalent for "Device Manager" from Windows in Ubuntu?

    Here is something that tweaked my interest:

    name of display: :1display: :1 screen: 0
    direct rendering: Yes
    Extended renderer info (GLX_MESA_query_renderer):
    Vendor: VMware, Inc....
  10. [SOLVED] Re: The Dreaded "Installer Crashed" Question

    Perhaps I missed it but what happens if you try to boot without any USB drive installed?
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    [SOLVED] Re: Backups never works. Why?

    My needs are pretty simple - single user nothing complex - so I copy the folders in /home that contain consequential files. I've been using luckybackup but may experiment with grsync. I wasn't sure...
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    Re: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS vs Firefox

    I have nowhere near TheFu's knowledge and sophistication so I created a 2nd installation with as few add-ons as I can manage, not even a printer driver. That O.S. is used ONLY for information that...
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    Re: NetGear Wireless not working

    Possible typo? Should sudo modrobe 8812au be sudo modprobe 8812au? I've never made a typo - not me - not ever - and my nose is so long it makes Pinochio's nose looks dainty:biggrin:.
  14. [SOLVED] Re: Can't make Waterfox Classic a "favorite" on launcher in Ubuntu 20.04.1

    Somebody more knowledgeable should be along to correct me if I give you bad advice, I'm not an expert. I suspect the exec line should show the path to the executable, something like

  15. [kubuntu] Re: Brother printer support for Kubuntu ?

    Brother's inventory of new printers has been limited on many sites. I keep an eye on Brother printers, my current Brother inkjet multi-function is 11+ years old and ink jets don't normally live that...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: does this mouse is a good buy for linux?

    It should I'd think. The problem with mice and linux start when there multiple buttons that require specific software to program those extra buttons. I don't think any manufacturer provides software...
  17. Re: Brand new laptop, external display not detected, need help please!

    I too had problems with Ryzen and integrated graphics running 18.04. That install eventually got so bad it would no longer boot. You could try using Wayland instead of, that seemed a little...
  18. Re: New in this forum and Ubuntu and I hate cookies

    Welcome Camelia. I've used Bleachbit in the past and it caused no problems I was aware of. Others have had Bleachbit work too well and delete things it shouldn't. Bleachbit will permit you to choose...
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    [SOLVED] Re: 20 normal shutdown vs poweroff

    I saw that problem, in my case it was running 18.04 on a newly built Ryzen 2200G based desktop using the integrated video. I tried various fixes but was never able to solve the problem reliably. I...
  20. Thread: Nvme ssd

    by kurt18947

    [ubuntu] Re: Nvme ssd

    I too have an NVMe on my desktop, HP 920 512GB. It seems to work as advertised. I'm not sure though how much of a benefit NVMe is on an ordinary desktop machine. My impression is that NVMe really...
  21. [lubuntu] Re: it's normal that installation is without swap and that os freeze ?

    #6 above answers your question. It is normal for Lubuntu to not have swap enabled by default. People with SSDs but quite a bit of RAM (8 GB+) don't want swap enabled by default, swap creates...
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    [lubuntu] Re: snapd software slow to load

    It's not cached in RAM after a restart. I found Okular a little slower to launch after a restart than after logging out but not too much. The first time I launched it took the longest to start,...
  23. Thread: Ubuntu trial

    by kurt18947

    Re: Ubuntu trial

    "Fast start" in BIOS and "fast start" in Windows are different as I understand it. "Fast start" in BIOS skips all or part of the Power On Self Test (POST), "Fast start" in windows is some sort of...
  24. [lubuntu] Re: New to Lubuntu, question about docx and increasing size of things

    This used to be the recommended method for creating MSOffice editable files in Libre Office. LibreOffice would read .docx files correctly, it wouldn't always create .docx files correctly. DocX is not...
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    Re: Hard drive errors?

    It's not unheard of for brand new electronic gadgets to fail very early in their lives - some refer to it as infant mortality. It's also possible that the manufacturer's quality control people were...
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