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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Login Loop Problem AND Incorrect Login

    Agreed with running live session and backing up data then reinstalling. Much less painful unless of course you want to learn to fix things in ubuntu yourself in which case, theres no better way to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Customize ubuntu OS

    I couldnt find software to do this customizing you speak of and also not knowing what exactly the kiosk is for doesnt help... like a web browser kiosk? Either way I found hundreds of guides that are...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu Forum hacked

    Thanks for more info on this. Wanted to see what the boards said.
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    Re: Is Android Studio easy to learn

    I'd say its probably slow and unrefined in terms of teaching. Its like read this and do that. Try a udacity course co-developed with google for android beginners to get the basics down. Its also FREE...
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    Re: Is Android Studio easy to learn

    Android Studio may actually look pretty intimidating at first because of how much crap they got cluttered everywhere but with its simple android autocomplete commands and built in visualizer its...
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    Re: "Being open source is killing Android"

    This will be remedied with Googles new hands on OEM Shaming board listing the OEMs that are slacking off on updates for that aspect. Other than that OEMs are scaling back how heavy they make their...
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    Re: Jubilant July Screenshots

    July setup:
    Ubuntu 16.04
    Theme - Arc Dark
    Icons - Numix...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: [xubuntu] broken application called software

    If your still having issues but want to install things from system try installing Synaptic as was said in few other threads. "sudo apt-get install synaptic" - Not as pretty but more functional.
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    Re: new software center not opening

    I was also going to say just install synaptic. Its not as pretty per say, but its def more functional in my opinion.
  10. Re: Windows 8 could be the next thing that gets alot of people to move to Linux

    In terms of use on the computer... yeah I dunno about windows 8... In terms of tablet/phone? sure why not...

    I used to absolutely hate Microsoft and Apple... Apple I still hate for the patent BS...
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    [ubuntu] Re: xrandr max resolution edit?

    That article should help you fully.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Automatic Security Updates

    In the update manager under settings you can turn off auto download of them. Altho as advised I would manually install security updates atleast from time to time.
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    Re: Finicky February screen shots

    On my laptop machine which is my main atm... Its actually really grown on me. I had to change the theme and icon setup and definitely shrink the size of the unity bar but after using for awhile with...
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    Poll: Re: what browser and OS do you use?

    Good ol' Firefox 10 in Ubuntu 11.10 atm...
    I run Chrome sometimes and I do love Chrome from Google but I have been on Linux using Firefox for over 7 years and habits are hard to break. Firefox is...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: Asus u46e and unrealiable booting of ubuntu 11.10

    I had to turn APIC off and it booted fine on a u46e. For some reason all the resolutions dont show up in the resolutions tho but im working on changing the xorg and forcing the resolutions via xrandr...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Software Center does not have a "Check for updates" button

    I don't understand exactly what your looking for? Check for updates as in look for updates for apps you have installed?

    If thats the case then linux uses an integrated update system through...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Where do my apps from Ubuntu Software Center Install?

    The executable file should be under /usr/bin/ most likely I'd assume.

    Why are you looking for them? Do they not come up for you in Unity or whatever your using when you search or look through...
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    Re: Jocular January Screen Shots

    Will post my more adept setup later... on the laptop I use mainly atm though and have become adept to a simple Unity setup mainly for this laptop. Only thing I really did was some performance tweaks...
  19. Re: What is the difference between Ubuntu/Debian packages and Redhat/Fedora packages?

    I like the setup of .deb personally on a side note :P

    Never was one for liking the rpm setup when I tried opensuse and Mandriva back in the day.
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    Re: my mom got an android phone...

  21. Re: best website for buying computer parts from

    I stick with personally. Usually the best prices and deals. Also they have one of the best website setups in terms of the amount of stuff available and the simplicity of ordering and...
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    Re: GNOME Shell is the dog's bollocks!

    That's what I first thought it implied till I read the post itself! Ha! :D
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    Re: my mom got an android phone...

    Glad to hear she got a Android phone and not a iPhone(barf)... Makes me happy to see more satisfied Android users just as I'm happy to see more and more happy linux/ubuntu users by the day :)
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    Re: A video advocating opposing open office

    Its so false. I've converted several ppl to linux one of which is a good friend that uses OpenOffice for school and she has no problems converting files to Word style documents etc with no problems...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu 9.04 failed, 10.10 not installing

    I just saw this post but good to see you got it working atm... Glad to hear it.
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