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    Re: Regenerate applications menu

    Thanks! That could have worked... But my menu file was really gone, in both locations.
    However, I just found how to reinstall the default menu. It's in xubuntu-default-settings, so:

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    Regenerate applications menu (xubuntu)

    After some messing around with my config files, it seems I have accidentally deleted the applications menu file, and the xfce4-settings-manager menu file. My /etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu/menus/ is empty, and...
  3. Re: find and convert music to a different file type

    You could also use symbolic links as an intermediary step. So assuming you have created a audiotemp folder in your home directory:

    find /home/user/Music -regextype posix-awk -iregex...
  4. Re: find and convert music to a different file type

    It may be a bug in soundconverter : What version do you have?
  5. Thread: Orange screen

    by Svictor

    [ubuntu] Re: Orange screen

    The combination is Ctrl+Alt+F1 This gets you to a text-only terminal. Then Ctrl+Alt+F7 gets you back to the graphics screen. The latter probably doesn't start as expected, hence the orange screen....
  6. Re: find and convert music to a different file type

    I'd do that with soundconverter. Install it from the software center or :

    sudo apt-get install soundconverter
    It's pretty intuitive. Folders are added recursively so you could just add...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Switch on/off nvidia card Asus UL30Vt, UL50V, UL80V laptops

    In my case I couldn't notice any degradation. But I replaced the original HD with a 7200 rpm. The computer boots pretty fast (15 sec maybe), and battery life is ok. But maybe JT and VT differ in that...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Switch on/off nvidia card Asus UL30Vt, UL50V, UL80V laptops

    Hi Christianco,
    Just my 2 cents experience: after trying different methods (including vga switcheroo), I ended up using the switch "Compatible mode" in the BIOS. This is on a UL30JT, but maybe the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: PDF note taking and Zotero

    As long as Mendeley is closed source, the library you build with it is dependent on their commercial choices and the success of their business model. One of the big issues in academic uses of...
  10. [ubuntu_studio] Re: Roland UA-25EX: Problems getting it working in JACK

    Hello everyone,
    I seem to have a similar problem on my Asus UL30JT. Lspci -vv says :

    00:1d.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset USB2 Enhanced Host Controller (rev 06)...
  11. [all variants] Re: xul-ext-gears is no longer in the repositories ( google gears )

    Bump too. All the more as evolution's sync with google's imap is still deceiving. :(

    EDIT : I was able to get google-gears running in Maverick by using the xul-ext-gears from Lucid. Downloaded it...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 10.04 LTS RC: Blank Screen at startup

    Great ! Thank you very much ! It worked for me as well on a Dell D400.

    The trouble with these bugs is that they cast a serious shadow for the newcomers on ubuntu. I was installing Lucid on my...
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    Re: HOWTO: USB Audio device

    For anyone interested, once you configure your card, there is a way to automatically load the appropriate drivers and firmwares, through udev (good for Edgy). I just managed to setup my Tascam...
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    Re: HOWTO: Software mixing with JACK and oss2jack

    Thank you very much Acker ! :D
    I've been missing this feature since update to edgy ! I just followed your howto (posted some 2 weeks ago), and everything worked fine.
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    Re: What kind of works do you guys do?

    Teaching and doing research in Anthropology of Music (at the moment, on the concept of virtuosity amongst Gypsy musicians from central Moldavia). Also trying to teach myself some basics of opensource...
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    Re: Reporting bugs on ubuntu packages

    Thanks. I'll do that.
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    Reporting bugs on ubuntu packages

    I just had a problem with openoffice2, solved it, and in the process, realized that there seems to be a bug in the ubuntu versions of this package.

    Basically I couldn't open anymore a certain...
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    Re: HOWTO: Install Canon PIXMA ip1500

    Well, actually, you don't need to reinstall libc6. Ubuntu's version works quite well for the driver. It's just not recognized as appropriate by dpkg. So what you can do is download the rpms instead...
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