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  1. Thread: nVidia drivers

    by flatko

    [SOLVED] Re: nVidia drivers

    Just for the record - don't install Nvidia 173 drivers from the nvidia website. It doesn't work and uninstalling it also dont work. It doesnt remove all the components and Unity launcher can't start....
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot select microphone as a source in pulseaudio

    Thank you, Rodney9, for the reply.

    I just solved the problem by deleting ~/.pulse and ~/.pulse-cookie
    I first tried it in Guest user and it worked, so I found that it was user-related issue in...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot select microphone as a source in pulseaudio

    Still nobody with the same issue? It's really an enigma ](*,)
  4. [ubuntu] Cannot select microphone as a source in pulseaudio

    Hi there.
    I have a strange issue in my Ubuntu 11.10 - I'm not able to record any sound from the microphone.
    If I choose Mic as a connector in "Sound settings", it doesnt change settings in...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Gedit window is not visible

    Hi and 10x for the reply!
    I'm using Unity. Just tried it in Gnome classic and it opens with no problem, so you're right - it's a Unity bug.
    In Unity alt+tab doesn't show the Gedit window. The...
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    [ubuntu] Gedit window is not visible

    Hi all.
    Recently I installed Oneiric on my PC (it was running Lucid before) and I can't open Gedit as a regular user. In System monitor it shows the gedit process, but there's no window anywhere....
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    [ubuntu] Re: howto change PulseAudio sampling rate

    All right, I've never paid attention to that fact and always wondered why it ignores my 48kHz and defaults to 44.1kHz. Thank you very much, markbuntu!!
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    [all variants] Remove search suggestions in QuodLibet?

    That is what the name says - is there a way to turn the search suggestions off?
    Every time I type a word in the search bar, a list of possible tags appear and the player stops responding for about...
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    [ubuntu_studio] Re: Jack won't stop xruns/messing up in general

    OK, guys, I think I found the solution. Sometimes the very easy solutions come after trying almost impossible things.
    I had this problem forever, until I tried to run Jack in 96 kHz, full duplex! It...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 10.10 install won't complete.

    Well, I finally got it to install from Alternate CD, but most things don't work.
    NetworkManager can't handle 2 network cards, if i set the local network, Internet access stops (it still shows...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 10.10 install won't complete.

    Is there a reported bug, related to this issue? We can report it, but I'm not familiar with reporting bugs. This is a serious problem and maybe it's related to a specific hardware.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 10.10 install won't complete.

    I experience the same issue - installer freezes at "Configuring hardware". Tried several times, it freezes sometimes at "update-initramfs" and sometimes at "CRON".
    My system is: MB: Asus K8N, 1GB of...
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    [ubuntu] Strange volume control behaviour.

    Hi all!
    I'm using 10.04 now and it runs ok, except one strange thing in the Volume control applet.

    Sometimes, when I click on the volume slider, it moves up. Even if I try to slide it down, it...
  14. [all variants] Re: When a version "expires", does the repo turn off?

    Hardy is working now, after installing from scratch. I don't know why it has problems when upgrading from gutsy, but it's good enough now.
    We have some choice of DDR-400 in the stores, i checked....
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    [gnome] Re: GNOME problems in UbuntuStudio Hardy

    I found that gnome gets the xorg.conf settings, not its own. So I,ve changed the settings from /etc/X11/xorg.conf and it's working.

    Volume control still doesn't remember its size and...
  16. [all variants] Re: Hardy - Quod Libet album art plugin doesn't work

    Hi. I obtained a license key from Amazon.
    Now it shows alert "Search error u'ingParameter'" when i start the Cover plugin. Somebody hepl?
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    [gnome] GNOME problems in UbuntuStudio Hardy

    Hi all.
    I've installed Hardy from the Ubuntu Studio DVD. It runs pretty well, but Gnome has some problems that I can't solve.

    First - keyboard applet don't seem to remember the settings. There...
  18. [kubuntu] Re: Jack and Audigy 2 ZS - capture and hwmix problems

    I have Audigy SE - almost the same issue: In duplex mode, it gives a lot of xruns, in capture or playback it doesn't. Qlo10k1 gives me "cannot connect to socket" when i try to add a soundcard.

  19. [all variants] Re: When a version "expires", does the repo turn off?

    Of course it runs, but slower.

    Sometimes i need UbuntuStudio-audio with a lot of tasks simultaneously and even 7.10 does it very hard. So I have to choose - updates & security vs. fast...
  20. [all variants] Re: When a version "expires", does the repo turn off?

    Thank you, Calmatory!

    It's really bad that i can't upgrade my RAM and use the latest version of Ubuntu - DDR-400 is no more produced. Feisty is now working with realtime Jack and even Beryl turned...
  21. [all variants] When a version "expires", does the repo turn off?

    Hi, ubuntu people!

    I have a little question.
    I'm using Ubuntu Feisty and I know that its security updates will be down very soon. My question is: does the repo turn off, or just updates stop?...
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    Re: Thinking ahead: when Feisty support expires

    Does this mean that the repo will be down and no more new proggies can be installed?

    Since Feisty is the last version that can run smoothly on my quiet old PC, and still has the Studio packages in...
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    [ubuntu] Re: "No screens found" in GDM

    Got it!
    In some magic way, the driver appeared in Hardware Drivers and activating from there seems to work. It happened that way in Feisty - worked from Hardware Drivers, but giving errors from...
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    [ubuntu] "No screens found" in GDM

    I'm using ubuntu studio, with installed generic kernel and ubuntu artwork... It's almost ubuntu, but with some studio settings.

    When i tried to install nvidia propietary driver using envy, it...
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