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  1. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 12.04: Intel GM45 uses VESA instead of INTEL driver

    After a reboot Ubuntu 12.04 is using VESA instead of Intel Driver. I noticed it because of low resolution.

    My System (hwinfo)

    My Xorg.0.log...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 10.04 not installing... PLEASE HELP

    I have got the same error message on my system:

    at about 15%: the installation of 10.04 LTS does the following:
    "Creating ext4 file system for / in partition #6 of Serial ATA RAID nvidia_fjdfdchb...
  3. phc-ppa, but where is phc_controls?

    I installed the phc kernel by the ppa:linux-phc/ppa.

    uname -r

    Could someone tell me where the phc_controls-file is gone?
    Isnt the phc kernel the right one to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 9.10 unable support Acer Aspire 3640

    Any syslogs guys? iam not a clairvoyant.
  5. [kubuntu] kubuntu 9.10 & SSD > 10sec hangs, hard resetting link

    Hey guys i have fresh installed Kubuntu 9.10-64 on my Dell Latitude E6400. My SSD hangs quite often, which is really annoying because it takes about 10sec while you cant do anything.
    I would be very...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: NetworkManager, Dell 5530/Ericsson f3507g 3G and wvdial

    What about to report a bugreport on about that?
    A lot of people in the forums are complaining about the 5530.
    It should be noticed by the networkmanager developers.
    This seem not to...
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