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    Re: Google Music Beta vs Linux

    Really glad for this thread. First thing I did was request a Linux native app, or to make the app Wine friendly. For four days I uploaded using VirtualBox, but now I'm trying the Wine workaround...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Cheese Alternative?

    Only VLC reliably can play the files back. Some of the files won't even play in any of the other media players I have.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Cheese Alternative?

    I've tried doing this and nothing happens. No errors in any log, no output, nothing. If I choose the "file" option instead of "capture device" some of the files will output to a 10Kb junk file, but...
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    [all variants] Looking to build a multimedia box for my TV

    Looking for hardware suggestions that will be FULLY compatible with any flavor of Ubuntu. I'm starting from the ground up as I haven't built a computer from scratch for long enough that anything I...
  5. [ubuntu] Getting to stock defaults from upgrade to 10.4

    I'd like to wipe my current theme, background and icon settings for Gnome to default. After my upgrade to 10.4 it stayed with the same visual look I had before.

    What's the best way to go "back" to...
  6. [ubuntu] Evince "Previous" and "Next" buttons don't work right

    Let's say I have a folder of pictures. I click on the first picture and Evince (Document Viewer) opens it. Great! But if I want to view the next picture in the folder I have to close Evince and...
  7. [ubuntu] Font glitches abound in Firefox - esp. Google

    Take a look at the screen shot. I've got all the restricted extras and fonts installed, and I've tried various encodings, but they all look wrong. Something up with Google today? Some pages are...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Auto-create playlists from subfolders

    I'm looking for a similar solution. I found a .bat file for Windows, but can't get it to work in Virtualbox or using Wine.

    Any ideas from the rest of the community?
  9. [ubuntu] Nautilus find-as-you-type not working after upgrade to 9.04

    I was running 8.04, did an upgrade to 9.04. I used the find as you type feature in Nautilus all the time, now when I start typing in the file manager nothing happens. Makes browsing my music folder...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Windows XP Vs Ubuntu

    You can run KDE on windows. Run a google search for "KDE for Windows" and see what you get!

    It's not the full desktop environment, but it's pretty cool anyway. Still kinda buggy. WUBI is still...
  11. [all variants] MPU-401 forwarding to Virtualbox - can it be done?

    I have VirtualBox (not OSE) installed and running XP within my Ubuntu 8.04 system. I have a front drive bay port on my sound blaster with MIDI In and Out ports (MPU-401). These work properly within...
  12. [all variants] Re: Simple utility to trim/crop a video file that actually works?

    Well, not as nice as a graphical interface, but I can deal with it anyway. Still rather annoying.

    Thank you though, this will help.
  13. [all variants] Simple utility to trim/crop a video file that actually works?

    avidemux just outputs a file that is unreadable by anything. Kino won't open mpeg files. gopchop just crashes with no error message, so does pitivi. I can't figure out how to use any other...
  14. Thread: blackbox wm

    by Hooya

    [gnome] Re: blackbox wm

    You could try this to remove gnome packages. Since you won't have KDE or XFCE I don't know what vital system process will not have programs to interface after you do this. I run Xubuntu with the...
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    [all variants] Re: GRUB Doesn't count down

    can you post the contents of /boot/grub/menu.lst (it's a text file) in [code] tags?
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    [ubuntu] Re: OpenOffice .doc Formatting Problem

    Hmm... I can't re-create this behavior, at least not with some simple tests of basic formatting, opening an older .doc file that was made with MS Office.

    Are you opening already created .doc files...
  17. Thread: forum usage

    by Hooya

    [other] Re: forum usage

    The [Solved} function is currently broken. When and if it returns it'll be clearly marked in the "Thread Tools" menu for threads you created.
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    [xubuntu] Re: thunar and international characters

    I hate to bump, but this is going to get totally ignored. Someone here has got to know the solution to this.
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    [gnome] Re: Unpacking with right-click?

    Yes. I had never tried this before, but sure enough, exactly the function you are describing works like a charm in Thunar with that other package I described installed.

    Important Edit: No, wait,...
  20. [kubuntu] Re: KDE linux software may run on GNOME Linux and vice versa ?

    Forget the tar.gz file. Delete it and anything you've extracted from it.

    You do not need to worry about downloading backups or anything using synaptic. Just try it and you'll see.
  21. Thread: wont login...

    by Hooya

    [xfce] Re: wont login...

    Can you boot to a recovery console?
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    [all variants] Re: Updating browsers and their plugins?

    Do you have backports enabled in your software sources?

    Also, for many of those programs there is are maintained repositories that you could add for each one. It's a pain, I know, but the way...
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    [xubuntu] Re: update notifier stuck at 100% cpu

    First thought it to turn off the update-notifier service. Not sure how to do this exactly, maybe you can remove it with no ill effects. Whenever you want to update, just do this in a terminal:
  24. [ubuntu] Re: cant manually run dpkg --configure -a after failed install or upgrade

    Try using Synaptic to completely remove (Purge) the offending programs. Then do a reload in synaptic. If those programs are dependencies, install the programs they depend upon if you need those...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Installation using live cd just stops midway.

    Can you see your hard drives from the Live CD?

    Without the installer running try running gparted and see what comes up. There might be an issue with the live CD locating your drives if that's the...
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