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    Re: Dismals Canyon-Dark Water Wallpaper

    I like the modification Bölvağur!
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    Dismals Canyon-Dark Water Wallpaper

    Hey guys, I darkened up a pic I took on a trip of a shallow stream. The rocks underneath play really well with the orange/brown stuff we get by default. Let me know what you think!
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Dell Mini 9 Netbook Remix - Audio and Visual Effects issues

    thanks for the config input, got my 9.04 NBR working as well!
  4. [ubuntu] Cannot access /dev/video0 (ndiswrapper &vid card mods not working now)

    Howdy folks! Here's my problem:

    * Running 8.04
    * Dual boot between ubuntu and xp
    * bought new video card (nv8600 gt) to put in my dell xps400 and got it working by following a how to...
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