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    [ubuntu] Re: Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A and UX32VD

    just as a heads up..
    i installed ubuntu on my ux32vd's internal ssd. and after 4 months the internal ssd died. sent it in for repair and they replaced the motherboard. im no longer using the...
  2. Re: A bash script to control spotify for linux via dbus

    a bit late to the party. but just wanted to say thank you!. been looking for something like this.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Vsync, Tearing, Compiz...solution?

    believe it or not, but this actually helped reduce the tearing in my vdpau accelerated h.264 720p video files. there is still tearing. but not as much. even in panning shots :)
    thank you!
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    [all variants] Re: Asus UL30 anyone?

    I have a ul30vt and i speedread this thread. and found nothing about fn+f5&f6 brightness adjustments when using only the g210m. i want the nvidia card active for vdpau. and i rarely need 10+ hours of...
  5. Re: CPU benchmark - how many GFLOPs does your multicore machine do?

    So i got a dualcore atom 330 board, the intel D945GCLF2D

    this i my results. will be a nice little nas box when im done setting it up.

    Number of equations to solve (problem size): 7000...
  6. Re: CPU benchmark - how many GFLOPs does your multicore machine do?

    i looked everywhere for a gigaflops benchmark. then i found this thread.. was fooling with hpl and stuff..

    intel q9550 goodness :D

    CPU frequency: 3.604 GHz
    Number of CPUs: 4
    Number of...
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