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    Re: One OS, 2 computers

    Not sure about usb hard drives, but I have a couple of thumb drives that I have setup for booting the 'live cd' software.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Thunderbird does not delete junk or emails giving error messages.

    I've also experienced thunderbird delete e-mail issues with a Yahoo mail account. I'd say that it started about 6mo ago or so. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Can I add Windows XP to already installed Ubuntu & dual-boot?

    R. Something else you might want to look into before you spend too much more time with XP, the LGO agency that you are wanting to work with, after April, will they allow you to connect using an XP...
  4. Re: Window XP Will be Lay to Rest Forever

    Don't feel bad. I VM'd my 2 xp machines at home, and at work I have still have my old xp workstation on-line because of an older HP plotter and Ideal b-print scanner that are not Win7 compatible, nor...
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    Re: cloud storage and NSA stuff

    Another tid bit to roll around in the back of your mind.
    Once you put something "on the net" in the cloud or not, there is no pulling it back, it's out there for good. Mirror servers, page cache's,...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu using more power than Windows 7?

    A can't say as I have an answer to fix your power issues, I have noticed the same issues with my laptop as well when using Ubuntu.
    It comes down to the laptop maker designed the power managment...
  7. Re: Target Card Victim: They Got Your Name, Address, and Phone Number, Too

    Lucky for me I don't have a target within 50 miles to shop at.......
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Want to Dual Boot - Need Help

    Since no one else has asked yet..... what version Windows and Unbuntu.
  9. Re: Help formating corrupted micro SD card in Ubuntu

    How old is the card. They don't last forever, the more you write to them the shorter their life. Way less than a hard disk.
    My opinion----just replace it. It's only $12 from Amazon.........
  10. Re: Good-bye Ubuntu, going back to Windows

    +1 Agree with using what suits your needs.
    I'm learning Ubuntu, but I know at this point I cannot leave Windows 100% behind. I have at least 2 programs that absolutely will not reliably run on a...
  11. Re: What mobile broadband company is the most Linux friendly?

    I wouldn't think it should matter for a hot-spot device as it's just creating a generic "wifi" zone. Any wifi device should be able to connect to it.
    Now for a usb stick connection, that's...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: New malware problems at Yahoo - does it affect me?

    So why not just ditch Yahoo........I dumped them as my primary e-mail host a couple of years ago and haven't looked back.
  13. [all variants] Re: How to format Blu-ray disc for drag and drop

    I was able to google this:

    If you got K3B thru the software center, according to the article, you didn't get all of the...
  14. Re: Package System is Broken, -f install doesn't work

    Is this machine in a Virtbox as a guest? or is it a host?
    I see error entries for virtual box in with the other errors too.
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    [ubuntu] Re: copying files to flash

    With Win7 you can have 'write caching' enabled that will cause file transfer to appear to be faster than it actually is. That can put you at risk of data loss if you disconnect the flash drive before...
  16. Re: Ubuntu can't see my 32GB ntfs thumb drive

    Ok I have to ask.... I gather you are a working with a Mac? Is the USB port active? can you see anything else plugged into it? are there other ports on the machine to try.
  17. [lubuntu] Re: Hard drive not seen after switching it to a SATA 3 port.

    1st thing I would look for is make sure in your bios settings that the specific SATA port is enabled. Not all motherboards have all SATA ports enabled by default.

    After you have the SATA port...
  18. Re: Cannot format USB flash driver using Gparted

    By chance have you tried to format the usb drive on a different computer.

    Time for a new usb drive? It is Christmas time afterall......Merry Christmas.
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    Re: "Clean" Linux Up

    Sounds like you have quite a bit running. How much ram do you have and how much have you committed to your VirtualBox environment.
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    Re: clone 8GB system to DVD

    What is the hard disk interface of the desktop.
    Look into a external usb hard disk "carriage" to install the desktop HD, for the purpose of transferring the data. Then you can re-install the disk...
  21. Re: NTFS incredibly slow and consuming all of (Q6600) CPU!

    Are you booting/running the OS completely from the external drive?
  22. Re: Cannot format USB flash driver using Gparted

    For fat32 the command would be

    mkfs t vfat <USB-device-mount-point>

    Don't forget you may need sudo with it.

    There are other options in this article
  23. Re: Cannot format USB flash driver using Gparted

    Looks similar to the issues I had trying to re-format one of my usb sticks a while back. It wouldn't format thru anything GUI.
    I ended up getting it done thur the mkfs command in a terminal window....
  24. [SOLVED] Re: How to refresh a Firefox page ?

    The F5 button will also do a refresh.....
  25. Re: How do I mount an entire hard drive image?

    What type of file is the image you are trying to mount. Is it a VMWare or Vbox image? or something else.
    Do you have the individual partition information?

    It may be a little more involved, but...
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