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    [ubuntu] Re: Deluge not working

    Just solved my own problem... delete all files in the IPC directory. After I did that deluge started fine for me.. no issues noticed.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Deluge not working

    Same issue... it seems deluge does not like being forced to shutdown. when I close it via its gui it works the next time. when I reboot the system and it forces it to shutdown... most of the time...
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    Re: 12.10 and Blackberry

    The only way I can get any gen bb to work with a destop manager is via Virtualbox with Windows 7 loaded, plug in the bb and map the usb port to the windows vb session.
    Works great. You can hack...
  4. May 24th 13.04 update fixed two bugs for me!

    After updating to 13.04 I noticed a few things broken from 12.10. UPS detection broke - it would see a UPS was there but not read any values and displayed a red "UPS not present". But APC tools would...
  5. Re: Compiz fails, no unity, Blank desktop after 13.04 update

    in a terminal window did a apt-get update and todays update that I just did now included something that now brings up the unity interface. problem now solved for me.
  6. Re: Compiz fails, no unity, Blank desktop after 13.04 update

    Same thing happened to me, fine until yesterdays update. Just see the wallpaper, no unity and no amount of fiddling would fix it. Downloaded the latest daily build to usb and on bootup .. same...
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    [ubuntu] Re: USB 3.0 PCI Card

    I was looking around and found a few nice ones, but the chipsets seemed flacky even under Windows. NEC chipset had the least features but best reliability. I got the "Silverstone SST-EC01+" PCI-E...
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I made the full switch to Ubuntu a month ago, mostly because I wanted to be more familiar with Linux for my job. Ubuntu seemed so refined with the details, and the few I didn't like I could find...
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