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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Network Configuration all connections in blank


    Same exact thing occurring here. It didn't bother me but now that I need to change some settings its become a problem :(
  2. [ubuntu] Plugged in input device, sound drivers crash. Hasn't functioned properly since.

    I plugged in my guitar as a mic the other day (which I've done before with no problems) and my drivers didn't seem to appreciate it, so they died (locked up, all input devices crashed as well. Had...
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    [gnome] Re: No more "home" time zone?

    This seems to have been fixed after a restart #-o
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    [gnome] No more "home" time zone?

    After upgrading to 8.10, I've lost the ability to set a default time zone. As a result, the weather (inside the clock app) no longer shows up. Was this moved/removed?
  5. [gnome] Re: nautilus-image-converter: permission denied

    Owner (me): Read and write
    Group (me): Read only
    Others: Read Only
  6. [gnome] nautilus-image-converter: permission denied

    So I have nautilus-image-converter installed, and prior to Hardy it worked great. Ever since I upgraded I get "permission denied" errors when attempting to resize or rotate pictures, despite owning...
  7. Thread: xvidcap

    by ijustam

    [ubuntu] Re: xvidcap

    This has been documented with some workarounds:
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    [ubuntu] Re: Power history not functional with UPS?

    I just tried playing around with apcupsd some more...

    My UPS sits in /dev/hidraw1: [ 35.791557] hiddev96hidraw1: USB HID v1.10 Device [APC Back-UPS ES 500 FW:801.e5.D USB FW:e5] on...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Power history not functional with UPS?

    I have an ES 500 and never got apcupsd to work. I kept getting connection errors and never bothered to troubleshoot.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Power history not functional with UPS?

    Awesome, thanks! I was unaware of the shutdown bug, that could have had bad consequences if my power had been out much longer. :(
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    [ubuntu] Power history not functional with UPS?

    Just had a power out for about 10 minutes, UPS kicked on and Ubuntu saw it and did so accordingly. Saw discharge and did as it should, except my power history has no history, at all.

    Is a UPS not...
  12. Poll: Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    Got it upgraded and fixed in a day, but the things to fix were near-dealbreakers. Network and sound gave me quite a headache but now they both work again :)

    Edit: I put Gutsy on my laptop and the...
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    Re: What got you into open source?

    I got sick of paying for crap applications with no community in which I was just a "consumer" who did nothing but use their apps. I would come with ideas to make the app better with no outlet, and no...
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    Re: Super PI Ubuntu - How fast is your cpu?

    Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86ghz, 1gb ram

    ------ Started super_pi run : Sun Jun 17 17:47:52 EDT 2007
    Start of PI calculation up to 1048576 decimal digits
    End of initialization. Time= 0.284...
  15. Re: June 2007 Desktops (Safe for work ONLY) - Please include theme details.

    Linked for size (2880x900)

    Links: Clean and Dirty

    Themes: Human w/ Murrine + Beryl

    Wallpaper: Bagger 288: Link

    Programs: screenlets, although not visible due to Beryl widget layer.
  16. Re: HOW-TO Configure the VFD to work with MythTV on a Antec Fusion case

    Hi all, this post has been a godsend but for some reason it won't install /dev/lcd0 on my Feisty machine. The make and make install execute without error but they don't seem to actually do anything....
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