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  1. vbam ubuntu to vba windows save file transfer?

    hey everyone,
    quick question about vbam on ubuntu, does anyone know how to or even if it's possible to open the vbam .sav file from the ubuntu version in the vba emulator under windows? I'm trying...
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    [ubuntu] Re: xbox 360 controller install

    there is a default xbox controler driver in the kernal already called xpad, however I find a driver called xboxdrv to be much more accurate

    google it, you have to install it, then tell the kernal...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: File copying to USB(pendrive) or Memory Card is too slow

    I agree, you should first test with only the pen drive in question connected, same file and compair. You may want to look at the system monitor while doing this as something in the background may be...
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    [SOLVED] Re: How do I format a WD Passport HD (more)

    If you are still having issues I would try a drastic wipe, re partition and re-install.

    Deriks boot and nuke for the win.

    search google for DBAN, (i'd give you a link but i'm in Afghan right...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Lots of problems - Some help to a beginer?

    as far as the sound bar issue you were talking about goes, the 100% line that the keyboard controls are limited to is the "recomended" highest output. you can (as you see) overdrive the speakers and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Seagate FreeAgent Pro External Drive

    Hey Mike,
    Welcome to Ubuntu Linux.

    To answer your question, ubuntu is able to read NTFS (standard windows file system) partitions so you should be able to simply connect it and go from there. ...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Migrating to a new HDD

    Thanks so much, DD worked like a charm :)
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    [SOLVED] Migrating to a new HDD

    Hey everyone,
    I am about to ship out to Afghanistan and just wiped my laptop for a fresh install of 12.04. I've gotten all the packages and codexs' that I think I will need (many emulators lol)...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: 11.10 64 bit installs fine but boots to a grub prompt?

    thanks alot, I will attempt to reinstall 11.10 and if I get the same issue I will give reinstalling grub 2 a shot. lol it takes a long time to wipe a 3 TB sadly so I have been unable to try yet
  10. [ubuntu] Re: 11.10 64 bit installs fine but boots to a grub prompt?

    Not an external, interinal 3 TB via sata 2. like I said installer completes fine but when i try to boot from the drive (and I know i am booting the right drive as I disconnect all others and...
  11. [ubuntu] 11.10 64 bit installs fine but boots to a grub prompt?

    Hey guys,
    Just came home with a new Hitiachi 3TB sata drive for a fresh install of 11.10 64 bit, used the included usb live disk creator from my 11.04 install on the laptop to select and setup on...
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    [ubuntu] Cnc cad files for mill?

    Hey everyone!
    I have used CAD/CAM software in the past for dental appliactions and was wanting to design some pieces for my motorcycle to be milled in a CAD program. I know most mills require a...
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    [ubuntu] Anniversary help!! autorun file??

    Hey everyone,
    My anniversary is coming up and I wanted to do something nerdy and sweet as my fiancée' and I agreed to keep gift total cost to a min. I thought I would create her a "card" in the...
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    [ubuntu] Recomended CAD program?

    Hey everyone! Long story short I'm trying to design a ring for my fiance' to have it made, I'm curious as to what CAD program you would recommend for a beginner like myself? I've used CAD here and...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Is it Possible to Connect a Wired USB Xbox 360 Controller in Ubuntu?

    I also got the same error after giving the command make.. any ideas?
  16. [ubuntu] Re: how to completely clean out and reinstall audio server

    thanks so much for the reply, your my hero!!!
  17. [ubuntu] Re: how to completely clean out and reinstall audio server

    BUMP!! anyone??? this is really annoying and I just upgraded to jaunty, no help. confirm that hardware works in vista so it's def a problem with ubuntu.

    how can i reinstall the module?????
  18. [ubuntu] Re: how to use the shutdown now command in this situation

    Thanks alot for that, now I dont need to worry about a bum pump frying my system
  19. [ubuntu] Re: how to completely clean out and reinstall audio server

    oh and im pretty sure i was using the ALSA modules to control my built in SPDIF digital audio port. any way to just reset those to say the settings of a fresh install?
  20. [ubuntu] how to completely clean out and reinstall audio server

    hey everyone,

    So what started out as a problem with my digital audio output is now offically a complete sound problem, no sound from even the headphone jack. I dont know what caused it to start...
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    [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] Transmission bittorrent client and TOR

    ohhhh well thankyou for this sir, transmission is ALOT easier to get a 'mom or pop' user to use than vuze.
  22. [ubuntu] suddenly aol wont allow me to connect to anything

    hey everyone,
    just lastnight my connection to anything aol outside my browser is being refused. Evolution, witch has worked for a year now suddenly cannot connect to the server, and pidgin that...
  23. [ubuntu] how to use the shutdown now command in this situation

    Hey everyone,

    I've been playing with the system monitor applet for gnome and it allows you to set alarms for your system temps in the form of " run this command when temp goes past this level" ,...
  24. [ubuntu] audio over SPDIF (optical) not working all of a sudden

    hey everyone,

    Im still using 8.10 and things have been working find until lastnight, I Have my audio out to my receiver, using the optical output and things have worked just fine untill last...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to eject dvd drive

    I dont think you should add yourself to the root group for securety reasons, but in the same menu you can give yourself permission to mount and unmount drives, thus allowing you eo eject things but...
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