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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Asus EeePC T91MT multitouch touchscreen [Lucid 10.04]

    hi friend, i'm sorry i did not understand your help. the informatios is confused there
    i'm using amd athlon II microprocessor and right now i try to install ubuntu 10.04 x64 bits.

    If you can be...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Lenovo 410s with touch screen

    hi friend, i have an all in one lenovo c315, i have installed ubuntu 10.04 and the multitouch screen don't work.

    maybe you have some solution know.

  3. [SOLVED] Lenovo c315 all in one multitouch touchscreen [Lucid 10.04]

    hi friends,
    actually i have a new lenovo c315. it has multitouch screen and woks fine on windows7. My problem is that on ubuntu 10.04 the multitouch don't work.

    I've been try anything for 2 weeks...
  4. [ubuntu] problems with ubuntu 9.04 on dell inspiron 1420

    Hi, i installed ubuntu 9.04 on my laptop dell inspiron 1420 some days ago.
    The problem is that the webcam and the fn key don't work. Maybe someone can help. Thanks.
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