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    Re: File Sharing - over Wifi

    Ok i got it working, error in mount specifying wrong path.

    Now i just need to figure out how to share my external drive which is mounted at /media/TOSHIBA EXT.

    puting /media/TOSHIBA\EXT
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    Re: File Sharing - over Wifi

    Right so im going with nfs but the documentation is ot very helpfull

    # /etc/exports: the access control list for filesystems which may be exported
    # to NFS clients. See exports(5).
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    Re: File Sharing - over Wifi

    ok i found an easier solution, it turns out that my phone acts as a wireless AP

    If i turn on wifi protable hotspot to share my phones internet and connect my desktop and laptop computer to the...
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    Re: Plymouthd not exiting after login

    bump plymoutd d still cuasing issues hogging cpu after login.
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    Re: Plymouthd not exiting after login


    Still having this issue, have to kill plymouthd after login or it will sit there consuming 30% cpu
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    Plymouthd not exiting after login

    I recently customised my kx studio distro with a grub background image, and also a boot splash image.

    Both work fine and display correctly, however on login i noticed that my cpu was sitting...
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    File Sharing - over Wifi

    This is probbaly the 5th or 6th time i have looked into and tried to setup but after many wasted days of searching and reading i usually give up. There is so much different information out there and...
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    PlymouthD High CPU usage after login

    Kx Studio 12.04.3 with lxde installed.

    I recently used super boot manager to enable, and change the boot splash (custom boot splash) Boot splash works fine.

    However on logging in i noticed my...
  9. Re: mount - Just one more step and we've got this!

    fstab is the easiest way to get stuff to mount @ boot, im too like you though and get a headache reading through the nfo. personally i just stick with the /media folder.

    Create a directory there...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Chromium suddenly acting weird

    firefox is better anyway, ive always found chromium to be hit or miss, sometimes it would be fine then it would become unstable. last time i checked chromium uses its own version of flash plugin. Im...
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    Re: Tor does not work

    apologies for the rant,

    but spent 2 days trying to get it to work..

    anywone any ideas the developer doent reply to emails
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    Tor does not work

    Now the frustration is really pissing me off, especialy since i typed out a detailed post, go away to try a few more searches, to come back and ive been logged out! post lost

    This login through...
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    Re: nouveau VDPAU support in Trusty

    Install the restricted drivers. Its worth it.

    I have an old nvidia geforce gt610. with the right restricted drivers i get vpdau showing up in nvidia settings and i assume its being used in xbmc as...
  14. [SOLVED] Re: Am I dealing with hardware problem? New Ubuntu USB Install - Screenshot of boot e

    not sure what thats about, looks like some kind of kernel panick.

    Have you use ubuntu 14.04 on this machine before?

    I would suggest going back to 12.04 or 13.10 and try that

    14.04 is...
  15. Laptop with wrong replacement LCD - possible reduce screen size?

    I have aquired an old laptop from a friend

    the laptop had the LCD replaced due to a fault with the old one. But unfortunatly it was the wrong LCD panel.

    the result is that the physical screen...
  16. Re: 3 Screens - Poor GUI performance - Nvidia - 2 GPU's

    anyone got any ideas?

    ive set up three screens again so that can have 2 screens showing same thing (for guests to see videos) and the 3rd screen for doing stuff while watching.

    I have the 2...
  17. Re: Error when mounting local HDD: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/

    thats not good.
    Id run some diagnostics on the drive. its possible it has failed or has started to fail and there is corruption.

    Open up gparted and see if it can atleast see the drive to check...
  18. Re: 3 Screens - Poor GUI performance - Nvidia - 2 GPU's

    So ive just found out that xrandr 1.4 supports multiple gpu's however i cant find much of anything on how to set it up apart from a link to an nvidia readme which does not work.

    any ideas?
  19. [ubuntu] Re: My Ubuntu cannot detect my new ViewSonic Monitor

    Sounds an unsupported resolution issue.

    You can try installing the propriety driver using jockey

    If you are back in your GUI open up additiona drivers (usually under system settings)

    Let it...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: Installing an Nvidia proprietary driver manually problem

    Have you tried this? Beta drivers are for testing purposes, they may not work in all system configurations and most likey have bugs that could make a system that was useable using the open source...
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    Re: My wireless card and Ubuntu 14.04?

    broadcom wireless support has always been iffy.

    2 options. go with something that is better supported...
  22. 3 Screens - Poor GUI performance - Nvidia - 2 GPU's

    I recently bought a card from a 2nd hand shop as i really wanted to get dual screens running again. Suspected my previous ATI radeon HD 3650 had died (and i was right)

    Anyway i picked up what was...
  23. Digidesign Mbox 1 (original Mbox) Driver patch - WORKING!

    A patch has just been released that gets the original mbox working on linux. Previously only playback was working. Now a patch has been released to get capture...
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    [all variants] Re: Comprehensive ndiswrapper troubleshooting guide

    wna3100 works but on reboot, have to remove rndis module, uninstall the driver, reinstall the driver, copy the driver inf to /etc/ndiswrapper/ before it works again.
  25. Re: nothing works to get my netgear WNA3100 working.

    well after a reboot, wireless no longer connects to my hotspot just like what happens with others, why does this work when first installing and works great untilll,,, reboot.

    is there no solution...
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