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  1. Re: Wifi. Possible to reinstall only drivers from CD?

    If you have your manufacturer's driver reinstall disc, DuckDuckGo the driver name and see if you can find a better driver. I have an old D610 laptop that the WiFi cuts out after a while(An hour) and...
  2. Re: Audio Hum in Lemur4 Ultra from AC Power Adapter

    I would suggest talking to the manufacturer for an upgrade to a better one, and explain to them your line of work. They should send you a better one, hopefully one that does not make that much...
  3. Re: Finally upgraded my PC hardware. :)

    Glad you're enjoying Ubuntu!
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    Screwed up Windows Boot-loader

    Hey, all. This was MY mistake and I know exactly what I did wrong, now I'm stuck with a broken 12.10.
    My Dell XPS 8500 has a 1TB internal HDD.

    Alright, bought a new XPS 8500, and Set up Win 8....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Opera slow when using facebook

    Maybe Opera isn't top notch any more. Try Konqueror (which actually doubles as a file manager)
    or any other browser.
  6. [ubuntu] Re: E173 on ubuntu 12.10 don't want connect to internet

    I did some researching, and you only have a generic Ethernet, so finding a generic driver for 10/100/1000 should be easy enough.
    These guys know everything about...
  7. Re: Ubuntu erased, XP installed without permission

    When in anger, complain.
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Please, Help Me Get Rid of Windows 8

    I know what this is. It's that stupid 'secure boot' thing that all new PCs have. Ubuntu needs a cert to boot, and I bet it doesn't have one yet.

    I remember when all you needed was a MS-DOS startup...
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    [ubuntu] Re: disks and partition help

    DOS, or Windows, label and mount partitions differently than Linux does. So different, that it takes a while to understand just how different they are. First difference is the label. Windows gives...
  10. Re: The Battle of the Browsers: The Race to 500

    Konqueror 1
  11. [SOLVED] Re: Message Tray Not Fully Visible

    This works not only for customization, but as a debugger, too.
    Download from the app center MyUnity
    You can change all aspects of everything.
    I actually had a similar problem, where I couldn't see...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Ethernet Adapter Not Responing

    Take out the onboard NIC.
    And unless you plan to add another OS, take out everything else. his speeds up your boot time and prevents mistakes.
    It worked for me, and if it didn't I wouldn't share...
  13. Re: Leage of Legends fully working

    Please post as a sticky thread and then we can discuss.
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    Re: New Games

    The Ubuntu App Center is your best friend. All supported games are put there!
    Some games, like Braid, are paid-for, and require linking a credit card. But, most games are free.

    If you like...
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    Re: conspiracy.... :) ???

    Welcome to the bitter rivalry of MS-DOS and UNIX. Ever since Windows 1.0, UNIX and DOS have been shooting each other with incompatibility, and PR Smackdowns.
    This isn't just Linux, you see. It's...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: can downloaded ubuntu programs be saved on dvd/cd?

    I know in Fedora you can make a Service Pack with the apps you have.
    In Ubuntu, you have to go to /usr/gnome/share/apps and copy 'em to a flash disk.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dell Precision M4700

    Nice computer!

    Okay, first up. You're going to need a / partition, that is where it is mounted, the root directory. You also might want partitions for all the mount areas, do it from the Ubuntu...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Backup w/ notification?

    try this list
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    [ubuntu] Re: Is this a hardware problem? Yes.

    I have a Dell D610, about 5 years old, too. It refused to upgrade to 12.04, so it stayed at 11.10.

    Try upgrading to 11.10, then going to 12.04. If it doesn't work, stay with 11.10. If 11.10...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: Is 'Make Link' a 'FAIL' awaiting a bug-fix?

    I get the same results.
    It looks like it; that's weird.
    I've never seen that before, usually links are only a line of code like
    gedit ~/doclocation
    and less than 1KB. I guess it is broken....
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    [ubuntu] Re: White characters

    Go to the Ubuntu App Centre and download MyUnity. Don't be put off by the language in the description, the language in the program is English. You can change all parts of the font, color schemes, and...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Dual booting partitions questions

    Be careful how you name your partitions.
    Windows "names" the drives with letters, and shouldn't be confused with actual labels.
    Same with Linux. /dev/sda1 /dev/sda2 /dev/sda3 are all partitions...
  23. [SOLVED] Ubuntu 12.10 no network devices?

    Hey, I have a HP A6257C Pavilion with a WG311V3 802.11b/g card, and a generic ethernet card.

    NOTE: My networking hardware did not work with 12.04!

    When I boot up my computer, everything is...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: internal second harddrive partionioning

    Is there another partition on the 750GB?
  25. [ubuntu] Re: internal second harddrive partionioning

    When one of my disks don't show up(i had this problem once) Try setting the pins on the actual drive, the 750-er(that means taking off the computer's cover, the HDD...
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