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    [all variants] HUGE Slowdowns on ASUS Z53S Notebook

    Sooo.. my parents recently bought a used ASUS Z53S Notebook.

    It had Windows Vista pre-installed but I decided to put a *buntu (tried Xubuntu and Ubuntu so far) on it because they're used to it.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Logitech H600 usb wireless headphones

    Greyed out my old post because for some reason after formatting my computer (wanted to give archlinux a try) and re-installing Ubuntu 11.10 instead of Xubuntu 11.10 the headset worked.

    I could get...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Audio CDs do not work

    Thanks, this worked for me! Changing the settings for removable drives as suggested in the above post didn't do anything for me.
  4. [xubuntu] Re: External HDD not being recognized anymore

    You mean with dmesg? If yes, I checked it several times before/after plugging/unplugging it, but nothing changed.
  5. [xubuntu] Re: External HDD not being recognized anymore

    Nope.. it's not there. Thanks for the advice!

    Now I'll just have to figure out how to open this plastic brick without any visible screws.. :D
  6. [xubuntu] External HDD not being recognized anymore

    I've got a 1 TB external HDD which worked just fine earlier today and now it's not being recognized anymore. My second external HDD which was connected all the time as well is still working.

  7. [ubuntu] Re: unable to change screen brightness in ubuntu 11.04

    EDIT: Now that I deleted the changes in the rc.local file and removed the acpi_backlight=vendor from the grub file it suddenly works. Well, it does not work 100%. If I set the brightness below a...
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