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    Re: Converting a C# project to Java

    So... your only problem is that MonoDevelop won't open the Visual Studio project file? Bit drastic to go to rewriting the whole darn thing, right?

    I won't pretend to know anything about C# or...
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    Re: Java object question

    Thanks for asking! I'll do my best, but I apologize for any language errors -- my Java's a bit Rusty.

    So, if I understand your problem correctly, you wrote something like this:

    Plate plateTest...
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    Re: c relational operator question

    You'd think that, but it's not true. Order of operations is determined by operator precedence, but order of evaluation is determined by sequence points. The usual example is something like

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    isn't part of the "core C character set"; i.e....

    isn't part of the "core C character set"; i.e. it's not guaranteed by the C standard to exist either at compile time or runtime. If you want to use characters outside of the core set (which see...
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    Re: C question preprocessor

    [double post]
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    Re: C question preprocessor

    Sorry, I guess I overlooked that detail. Functions actually exist in libraries which are "linked" in to the binary in the final step. There are two libraries that have C standard library functions,...
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    Re: C question preprocessor

    If you're learning C, the first thing you should do is abandon any idea that the compiler will stop you when you mess up :-)

    Header files contain function declarations. The declaration only exists...
  8. Re: git vocabulary: distinguishing origin, master, HEAD

    Well... not necessarily. That is, lots of projects that use git also have workflows that involve feature branches, fix branches, and mainline branches named "master". But that's a fact about a...
  9. Re: git vocabulary: distinguishing origin, master, HEAD

    To elaborate a little on what papibe said, HEAD and master both ultimately refer to commits, but they differ in their behavior. HEAD always refers to the commit that is checked out in the working...
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    Re: Strtok Problem

    Your English is good, no need to apologize.

    Here's some things I thought about your code as I read it. I didn't try to run it at first, I just walked through it in my head and predicted what would...
  11. [SOLVED] Re: is there a file list pgm that displays hex with AISC for ubuntu?

    ASCII, you probably mean. (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)

    Sounds like the program 'xxd'. Unfortunately I don't know what package it's in but it might be installed already.
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    Re: US or UK layout for keyboard?

    Just so you know, you generally can't switch keyboard layouts by plugging in a different keyboard. The keycodes are the same for the keys that are the same, so if you plug a UK keyboard into a...
  13. Re: Need help with pointers and arrays

    No, it's because the pointer passed to strcpy is uninitialized. This has the same problem despite omitting the terminator:

    strncpy(board[i][j], "O", 1);
  14. [SOLVED] Re: help with sqlite and conditions insert into

    Sorry, no, sqlite doesn't have IF. Probably because it doesn't support stored procedures. However, this seems to do something sensible:

    sqlite> CREATE TABLE dogs (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, name,...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: help with sqlite and conditions insert into

    INSERT with WHERE? Is that valid SQL? What does it even do?

    More to the point, what is it supposed to do? My SQL is rusty but if you want to conditionally insert, you probably want to wrap the...
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    Re: Volt/Watt/Amp Calculator

    Cool. You might consider using the decimal module from the standard library instead of converting between floats and strings. Decimal arithmetic is almost universally better for anything user-facing....
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    Re: A small problem with if condition

    scanf returns an int, which is the number of %-conversions in the format string that were successfully matched. You should always check the return value of scanf to determine whether it was...
  18. Re: Learning new languages, Go and Rust

    I'm a big fan of C, as my post history will attest, and whenever a new language comes along that claims to replace C, I always look into it to find out why it won't. I'm from a hardware background,...
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    Re: Python file management

    You had a file named (presumably) /home/jack/File mgmt prac.txt, containing "Alpha".

    You used Python to write to (presumably) /home/jack/File mgmt prac the text "Beta".

    Result: You now have two...
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    Re: Help with BASIC ... Prime Numbers

    You may find it difficult to find (recent) tutorials and help for BASIC, for a couple reasons. BASIC isn't just one language: there are many different "dialects". When I first began programming, I...
  21. [SOLVED] Re: Python3 - How to import from different directory to access from /usr/bin

    I didn't know the answer to this question, but I thought of a way to find out. SCons is a build tool (similar to make) and it is written in Python 2, not 3, but I bet we can get very close to an...
  22. Re: Git delete from local and remote repositories

    $ git rm SOME_FILE
    $ git commit
    $ git push
  23. Re: I can't enter any value when my program runned

    Your link doesn't work for me. Please copy and paste the actual behavior or error message, both to help people who would help you and for the sake of other people who may find this thread by...
  24. Re: segmentation fault (core dumped) pops while running a simple program in c

    I thought of that at first, too, but doing the test every time through the loop is unnecessary when the only special case is the last value. So it's better to do that one outside the loop:

  25. Re: segmentation fault (core dumped) pops while running a simple program in c

    Please use
    tags when posting source code. I took the liberty of running your program through "indent -kr":
    [code]#include <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h> ...
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