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    Re: Tug of war - Community vs Mods - to 200 (or -200)

  2. Re: What was the most weirdest dream that you've ever had?

    I once dreamt I was playing a game of snooker only I wasn't me I was the cue ball.
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    Re: Electronic circuit simulator

    Not native Linux software but LTspice runs well under wine on Ubuntu and probably most other Linux platforms too.
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    Poll: Re: Why is Linux more powerful than Windows ?

    While I agree that the majority of mainstream computer users don't want to know about the command line or creating Python, Pearl or using Bash scripting I don't agree here it depends who we are...
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    Re: Disable texting while driving?

    I think we need education rather than technology for this. You don't want to stop all texting in a car just the driver.

    You may like this video where a group of Belgian learners were told that...
  6. Re: Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn -- Where's the hype?

    This is normal for Ubuntu when they say it's going to be released today they never set a time. It should be out later today the earliest release I remember was around 11:00 am UK time but the...
  7. Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn -- Where's the hype?

    According to the Utopic Unicorn Release Schedule it's due out today. Yet I see no sign of the usual excitement and hype that we normally get before a new release.

    Has the release been delayed, or...
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    Re: Linux Sucks

    In which case you may want to check out Bad Voltage its a fortnightly podcast presented by Jono Bacon, Stuart Langridge, Jeremy Garcia and Bryan Lunduke. It also has its own community forming where...
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    Re: UK Which? magazine's thoughts on Linux

    The key here is they are looking for an XP replacement and Ubuntu, any other Linux is not that. Nor is Windows a replacement to Linux. They are two very different operating systems. And from an XP...
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    Re: How bad is "Shellshock"

    To be fair can they? If you are using an open source platform then you can examine the code but very few of us have the experience to do that. I may and I have friends who can but I don't represent...
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    Re: How bad is "Shellshock"

    If you are running 10.04, 12.04 or 14.04 it looks like it's been fixed already. There is a Ubuntu Security Notice here. To fix from the command line (desktop or server)

    sudo apt-get update &&...
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    Re: Wanting to learn

    I agree but it's useful to not have to worry too much about it when you are just starting out.
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    Re: Wanting to learn

    I learnt BASIC first then C but that was a long time ago I don't think anybody uses BASIC any more.

    The problem with C is that it requires you to have an understanding of CPU internals and...
  14. Re: "Windows is for Gaming, Mac for Creative and Linux for Servers" - What do you thi

    There are several good reasons to hate apple that have little to do with the way the product works: see here, here and here for a start.

    I use a Windows machine exclusively for this purpose...
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    My daughter has a Windows laptop she mainly uses to play games: I use it about once a year to update the maps on my Satnav other than that I'm Windows free. My main laptop runs Ubuntu 12.04 has does...
  16. Re: Why are the source repositories enabled by default?

    There are no legal requirements for having source code installed, and in a default install you don't have any installed. There is a legal requirement that we make the source available to anybody who...
  17. Re: Exactly, how snaky are Linux systems due to the pythons in it?

    I'm pretty sure the particular species of python it's named after is Monty as in Monty Python's Flying Circus
  18. Re: Why are the source repositories enabled by default?

    Are we really arguing about whether or not this check box should be ticked or not by default? ;)

    Personally I don't have a problem either way. The actual source code for the version of the...
  19. Re: Why are the source repositories enabled by default?

    Since all the software is open source we have to make the source code available to anyone who wants it so its available in the repositories. That does not mean you have any of it installed on your...
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    Re: Anyone else still on 12.04?

    Also still using 12.04 on main machine.
  21. Re: Is it bad practice to use the same username/email in different sites/forums?

    Personally I use the same user name on lots of sites because I want people to recognise it's me. This is particularly important where sites are related.

    For example I can be found here, on...
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    Re: Bad Voltage

    Some of us here may remember Lug Radio a pocast that ran out of the UK between 2004 and 2008. If you liked that, you will want to checkout Bad Voltage, both the podcasts and the community.
  23. Re: Dear Ubuntu Developers: Please Remove WUBI from installation files.

    Take a look at this question on AskUbuntu How do I Install Ubuntu
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    Re: Song that comes on live cd

    Which live CD? You are asking in the Ubuntu, Linux and Other OS section so which one do you mean provide a link.
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    Re: Poster leaving a thread

    The point of wanting a response is to give oneself confidence one is still giving good advice. Nothing else.

    Lets say I had a problem in Ubuntu 11.04 which I solved, either by my self or with...
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