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    Re: playing DVD'S on ubuntu

    I tried this - but after the first command it all appeared to be installing but then I got this microsoft EULA windows in terminal - I COULDN'T WORK HOW TO OK this - and get back to terminal ? - any...
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    playing DVD'S on ubuntu

    Ive just installed ubuntu 16 lts onto to my acer laptop. It flew on without a hitch .....

    however I can't seem to get it to play dvd's - Ive installed VLC media player - but the dvd's just sit...
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    Ubuntu on Acer Aspire new Laptop ?

    So the hard drive has gone and failed on my win 8 - upgraded to win 10 laptop !

    I really can't be bothered to download win 8 core - activate the license through the bios then upgrade to win 10.......
  4. Re: Dell Dimension 3000: Ubuntu runs like a dog

    Now installed google chrome - which is playing you tube vids a treat - all running really well now......

    Is a linux upsurge expected in april - when support for xp expires ?
  5. Re: Dell Dimension 3000: Ubuntu runs like a dog

    ok - have switched to lubuntu - which runs much better - still got green and purple when I try to play you tube videos etc
  6. Re: Dell Dimension 3000: Ubuntu runs like a dog

    Must admit I m struggling to see an upside at the minute ! - So it doesn't run on low spec hardware after all - and Ive just downloaded my third os is as many days - and now that doesn't boot ! -...
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    Real Name appears on posts

    Hello My real name is appearing on posts - can this be altered please
  8. Dell Dimension 3000: Ubuntu runs like a dog

    I have a very old dell dimension 3000 - it used run xp ok - I installed a very old ubuntu 8.04 which worked ok - I then downloaded ubuntu 12.04 and did a clean install - although this looks great -...
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