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    [kubuntu] Re: Connecting a Nexus 7 to Kubuntu

    also make sure u have usb debugging mode on in the system settings of the nexus 7
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    Re: Wanting to upgrade to Ubuntu 13.04

    i dont think there are any work on 13.04 being done yet is there if it is its alpha beta or what ever they are calling the work before final release
  3. [xubuntu] Re: Upgraded to 12.10 lost my google earth and chrome

    go to the software center and check to see if they are available to redownload
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    [ubuntu] Re: Disappointed with 12.10... (various problems)

    this is why i left canonical's ubuntu as i ve had nothing but trouble with crashes on several computers running 12.04 and this mess with the amazon thing with 12.10 and now the secrecy of 13.04 is...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Adobe flash player could not be installed from Software centre

    I've been able to install flash from the software center before and adobe only stopped the development to android not Linux itself
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    [ubuntu] Re: Reusing a old PC

    you cannot put in ddr3 ram into a ddr2 mother board the key way aka the cut out on the memory sticks are in different postions
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    [ubuntu] Re: Mysterious 8gb SATA device

    recovery partition for windows maybe for xp, vista, 7
  8. [all variants] using osx as a file server for an eeepc running 10.10 beta

    i have a mac mini that i use for a file server for the house i want to be able to stream/ and or transfer some of my movies to my eeepc as it only has a 4gb ssd card for the os so it cant store the...
  9. [all variants] opening file shares from a mac mini running 10.6.4 with a netbook runnning 10.04

    i have a mac that i use to watch videos from on my hdtv but there is times were i am in bed or around the house with my netbook i would like to stream my videos to it but for the life of me i cannot...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: will ubuntu well support the 32nm mobile cpu i5?

    They will eventually but it will be a bit
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    [all variants] need help on issue with print server

    my mom has a hp psc-1600 printer but every time i try to get it to share on my ubuntu server for a printer share it says on the windows machines need drivers or the the server does not have the right...
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    [ubuntu] Re: sleep on Seagate external hard drive

    I have this exact drive but I dont have that issue as of yet with it. I have the problem of it starting to click with ubuntu and the movies i have on it stop or skip when it clicks if i use my...
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    Re: so why do you guys still run Ubuntu?

    from what i heard a bunch has changed in snow and the late 09 updates
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    Re: Meet the Mac Mini Server...

    nice point but get the 2tb or just the 1tb time capsule and bame there is ur backup solution
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    Re: so why do you guys still run Ubuntu?

    i use ubuntu on my media, file server and my eeepc netbook hoping to get a mac mini in the next few weeks so i cna have all os's and i have not used a mac in years want a mini for a htpc
  16. [ubuntu] Re: OSX Can't Ping Ubuntu (Unless I connect from Ubuntu First)

    maybe u need a wake up on use network card mine seem to do fine so far
  17. [xubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] Xubuntu 8.10 + Eee PC - Howto, anyone?

    well in 8.04.1 adams repo is added for the eee kernal and its added to 8.10
  18. [all variants] Re: Is there such a thing as a USB adapter?

    yeah there is its called a usb be hub it can be 4 to 7 usb ports on it and it will only take 1 usb port on the computer
  19. [xubuntu] Re: Incorrect Report from Laptop Battery Monitor

    u may need a new battery as the old one may be dieing
  20. Thread: Upgrading RAM

    by ljonesj

    [all variants] Re: Upgrading RAM

    pc 5400 is the same as pc5300 just named different
  21. [all variants] Re: Radeon 9200 causes some kind of kernel crash

    try envy ng it might help
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    [all variants] Re: eMachine W33503 specs running Hardy 8.04

    if compiz works with the new nvidia card without the restricted drivers i say ur a go if not try envy-ng as its works really well in installing the drivers for u
  23. [SOLVED] Re: Installing 2nd DVD drive - can't use rewriter

    u may not want to hear this but take out the bad drive as it may be interfering with the new one some how it may be a long shot thou
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    [ubuntu] Re: processor 32bit or 64 bit?

    ok do u know if its prescott or cedar mill if its cedar mill its has the 64 bit instruction set
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    [ubuntu] Re: Decent Cheap Video Card

    one thing thou do u have an agp or pci xpress 16 or the old pci slots that will make ur choice there
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