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  1. [ubuntu] Re: problem of driver/display after updating to 14.04.5 enablement stack and kernel 4

    I'm running an AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad-Core Processor 4 with 15.6 GB of memory, and a Radeon R7 260X/360 card. I found your advice to reinstall 14.04 instead of 16.04 to use the proprietary AMD...
  2. Re: Move minimize/maximize/close buttons to the right

    I just found this thread in ask ubuntu that solves it completely

    The crux is the following...
  3. [ubuntu] 12.04: After upgrade, rebooted into automatic login

    I just want to report that, after security upgrades to LTS 12.04, the system automatically logged me in. I have administrative privileges. The only other user on the system (non-administrative) did...
  4. 1204 Hardware enabled stack end-of-life

    I was just alerted that in about two weeks, certain packages in the 12.04 LTS will lose support, and that I have either to move to 14.04, or to install 14.04 HWE. When I run

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    Re: 14.04 up grade issues

    So I went to bed last night without networking, and I woke up with it. That is, I left the machine on and when I got up this morining, both wifi and ethernet were working. On reboot, the screen no...
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    Re: 14.04 up grade issues

    So is the name of the thread the same?
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    14.04 up grade issues

    So because of 13.10 end of life, I was forced to upgrade to 14.04. After upgrade I have no networking and my screen blinks. I have not rebooted, and have no intention to until I have saved my home...
  8. [ubuntu] update manager hangs while installing linux-headers-3.8.0-42-generic

    I'm running precise (12.04) on an amd FX-4100 quad-core processor. In the update manger window, the last information is

    Preparing installation of linux-headers-3.8.0-42-generic

    Under ps -ax |...
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    Re: Installing Adobe Digital Editions using WINE

    Thanks. This worked perfectly using a wine install. What is nicer is that the when I downloaded the book from Dover in linux, ADE came up automatically, and displayed the book.
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